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If you have had pierced nipples, are you unable to breastfeed?

Asked by giveitupnj (35points) October 8th, 2010

Even if the piercings aren’t being worn anymore. Is there a time limit?

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I saw an actress on Top Gear reporting that she had to remove the piercings in order to prevent the milk from leaking. True or not I have no idea. Mind you a lot – if not most – men do not find it very appealing.

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In most cases, you’re perfectly fine.

I’ve heard of a few cases where milk comes out a bit faster than normally, but that can happen if a mom has a really strong let-down reflex. The baby gets used to it after a minute or so. No big deal.

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I heard that you can’t because of bacteria that build up around the jewelry passing into the baby’s mouth. I’m trying to find someone who actually had the piercings and fed their child, or who knows someone that did. My cousin was told not to breastfeed, even though she had taken the jewelry out.

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If you take the jewelry out, and don’t put it back in, you’ll be fine. The breast produces a natural antibacterial fluid from the Mongomery’s Tubercles, and adding that bit of Lanisoh lanolin to keep your nipples moisturized acts as an antibacterial as well. Your nipple is already full of holes. One more isn’t going to hurt. I know several women who breastfed with pierced nipples, and they all have very healthy babies.

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X2 on everything @Seek_Kolinahr said.

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—-although the actual answer to the quesiton is “no”. No, you are not unable to breastfeed..— Did I count my negatives right?

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You’re good, @Rarebear ^_^

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Or is it “Yes, you are not unable to breastfeed.”? My brain hurts.

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And what about inverted nipples?

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@ChazMaz It’s often more difficult, but it can be done. They even make things now called “nipple shields” that reduce the irritation it can cause.

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Women can definitely breastfeed who have had nipple piercings and who have inverted nipples. I am a breastfeeding mom right now and have been doing my best to help other moms with breastfeeding as much as possible so have researched so many breastfeeding questions. A great online resource is . It is a research based (but user friendly) website for all things breastfeeding and it’s search engine works really well.

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Yes, probably faster!

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