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Do you like all your gadgets in one device, or separate, and why?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) October 8th, 2010

I do. If something fucks up – I can still use the others. My phone and gps and camera are always separate items.


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Separate. If my TV has a built in DVD and the DVD messes up, the TV would have to go in to be fixed also. So I prefer the DVD to go in and still have the TV.

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I like mine separate for the same reason as you stated.

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While I do have a smartphone, I also have a digital camera.

But for my other technology, they’re all separate components.

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I hate when they are the same. My travel TV was also a VHS player and when the VHS went out, the TV became useless. Has they been separate, I could have hooked up the DVD to the TV and still used it for traveling.

Our car has a smart lock built in, and when the mechanism failed, we couldn’t start the car at all.

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I have never understood why they make multiple use gadgets. They don’t make RefrigerStoves or MicrowaveSinks or GarbageDispoToasters. What the hell is the need for a “46 in 1” stapler/shredder/printer/flipchart/dryerasemarkers/etc/etc/etc.The difficulty of learning to use the damn things multiplies exponentially.

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Separate with a couple of exceptions (pertaining to my iPhone).

It has a gps that I infrequently use. If I did a ton of driving in unfamiliar areas, I’d get a separate gps.

It plays games, but I rarely play games. If I was an avid gamer, I might get a game specific device.

It has a camera but I rarely use it as I shoot photos professionally – so I have a DSLR and a couple of other digital cameras.

As for household items, I always buy separate for all the reasons listed above. Although, the Bose Wave Radio as always intrigued me as an alternative to component stereos.

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I like mine separate for the reason you said.

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I also like mine separate for the reasons you listed. I have a Droid and it has many capabilities, but I still have a separate iPod, camera, camcorder, and Kindle (I have the Kindle app on my phone too). I don’t like tv/vcr/dvd combos either. If you want to upgrade your tv (or vcr, or dvd player), you would have to upgrade everything instead of just that one thing.

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Seperate. I cannot stand universal remotes. A piece of tape and a sharpie, no need.

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@cprevite The gps on the iPhone is actually pretty handy and I prefer it to a stand-alone gps. This very evening I was driving back home from another persons house where I had gone this afternoon while in daylight. Returning at night, I made a wrong turn and caught it, but did not know where to go. My iPhone gps showed me exactly where I was and enabled me to find my way back and locate the correct road. All without constant gps chatter.

If I’m going to a specific address in town and don’t know exactly where it is, the iPhone gps gets me there.

I really like it for any kind of location finding job.

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I prefer mine separate for lots of reasons. One being what you stated above, if something breaks, I still wan’t to be able to use everything else. I’m actually freakish about it. I have two ipods, and two cellular devices just in case.

I mean, I’ll use the camera on my cell phone, and it’s neat that it’s there, but I’d still rather have an ACTUAL camera.

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I like separate

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