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What would an appropriate engagement gift for a man be?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21461points) October 8th, 2010

When a man asks a woman to marry him, traditionally, he gives her an expensive, elaborate ring. However, nowadays, it is becoming more common for women to ask men to marry them. So, my question to fluther is this: What is an appropriate equivalent to an engagement ring for a man? Ideally, it would be something in the same approximate price range depending on the budget of the proposer and something that he would be able to have for his whole life but if you can think of something equally as appropriate that may not last for his whole life, please let me know.

So far, the only appropriate thing I can think of is nice, possibly engraved, pocket watch or maybe a nice tie pin or pair of cuff links for a man who wears suits a fair amount.

Hit me with your ideas please!

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An engagement ring, I say. They where a wedding ring eventually. And part of the whole point of the thing is to show ownership, yo. ;-). So stick with the tradition. I think it’s time women started betrothing men.

although, of course, wedding rings actually increase the likelihood on average that a woman will hit on a man…so sad

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I thought that too. Why not a really nice ring?

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For my (now) husband, a top quality wallet.

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How about a leash? <>

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A gilded television remote control.

Seriously, why not just a ring?

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I thought about a ring my uncle actually has a very nice ring instead of a standard engagement ring but it’s still not all too common for a man to regularly wear jewelry. What would one get for a man who would not want to wear a ring?

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Make him wear the ring. What man does not like rings? I have three on right now as I type.

What about a necklace with the ring on it?

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@KatawaGrey Excellent point concerning men that don’t like to wear jewelry. I personally despise rings.. even watches I can’t stand. If it wasn’t dangling from my body when I was born I don’t want it there!

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@FutureMemory: Hah, it’s funny that you mention watches because both of the people I talked to about his said that a nice watch but not so nice as to preclude wearing it in many situations would be a good engagement gift.

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An engraved pocket knife, pocket watch, key ring, valet box, lighter, or decanter.

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@KatawaGrey : Is there something you’re not telling me??????????!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????!!!!!!

(And I’m with @augustlan on the engraved pocket watch and/ or nice engraved pocket knife idea…)

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Does he wear a earring? Diamond stud ( real diamond) Congrats! wait is it congrats?

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@Frenchfry : I hope she tells me before Fluther!!!

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@JilltheTooth LOL This question made my morning!

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@Frenchfry : This question certainly startled me into wakefulness this morning!

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It depends upon the person. Some type of jewelry sounds great, if they would wear it. My fiancĂ© wouldn’t. I think we need input from more men on this question.

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I would think a neck chain of some sort. Gold or silver, simple rather than big and dangly, depending on the person and his tastes. Personally I don’t care for rings or watches. They tend to get in the way.

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Second thought. Two neck chains. One simple for everyday wear to remind him of you. The second maybe a diamond of some sort, as nice as an engagement ring for wearing on special occassions, anniversaries, birthdays etc.

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Just so it’s clear, I am not getting married, I was just curious about this. :) Mom left an interesting message on my phone this morning about his. :P

These are some great suggestions guys! I especially like @augustlan‘s pocket knife idea.

When I was with one of my male friends yesterday, I thought of maybe some kind of nice religious necklace, if he does in fact wear some kind of religious token. My friend has a St. Christopher necklace that he wears all the time which got me to thinking about this.

Edit to add: I was also thinking, if the man in question isn’t really a physical token kind of guy, maybe that money could go to a down payment on a house or a small vacation.

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@KatawaGrey There’s a story there, ask your mom when you get a chance.

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I wonder how many people sent PM’s to Katawa about this…besides me ;).

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