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What is favorite childhood memory?

Asked by eklamor (415points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone
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one of my favorite was when I got out of daycare and got in my mom’s car to see a sega genesis in the back seat yay

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Every single Christmas Eve. My folks were great at making the holidays awesome, even when though we didn’t have a lot.

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We had a summer cottage on Lake Erie, and my cousins had a cottage next door. We spent our summers swimming and skiing with campfires every Satruday night. Good times, I really miss that.

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One of my greatest, pleasant memories was going to feed the cows with my dad at our ranch in Idaho. We would load about 35–40 bales of hay on the truck. We would then drive the truck out to the field where the cows were. The best part is that he would put the truck onto 4 low so of would jus creep along at a very slow speed and he would let me drive as he cut the bales strings ad threw the hay to the cows. I thought it was very cool that he would trust me at the age of 7 to drive the big truck.

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i wouldn’t be able to pin point a favorite, plus i have a hard time trying to remember the past. the only memory i can actually think of is…
my friend had a birthday party, she was turing i’m sure about five or six. anyway she had barney there and he made me an animal out of balloons. ha i loved it.

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Theres to many!
disneyland with my family every year, spending time with my Grandma Bea, Hawaii summer of 05, Easter egg hunts and every holiday just seems better when your a child…

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Sitting on the kitchen counter making biscuits with my grandmother on Saturday mornings.

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I guess some of my best memories was with the different animals I had growing up. I had a squirrel monkey and it loved my horse and dogs. It ran free jumping from tree limb to tree limb. One of the neighbors did homework for a fish and tackle company. When the weather permitted he would separate hooks, by size, outside on his picnic table. My monkey would watch him and if he went inside Jocko would come out of the tree and change the hooks and put them in different piles. The neighbor just turned the hose on him and he would come home. I have so many good memories of owning a monkey.

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For my birthday, going to see The Empire Strikes Back, eating at Burger King after, and then going home to play my new Defender game on Atari 2600.

Ahhhhh, good times.

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Going to our cabin in the Sierras – we’d always go at least once or twice in the winter to ski and one long trip in the summer.

Sometimes I miss the easy days of childhood…

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Summers with my grandpa on the farm. Feeding animals and riding the tractor and the stories he told was the best.

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Like a few of you, I grew up on a farm as well. Some of my favorite times were spent laying on the top of my car watching a thunderstorm roll in above the treeline.

Springtime is amazing.

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going to TN to visit family when i was younger. my cousins and i would catch lightning bugs, squish them, and rub them on our faces so that we glowed in the dark.

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Making “soup” in a bucket in the backyard out of dirt, grass, flower petals and rocks
Climbing the lovely basswood tree in our front yard
Lying on my back and having my great-grandmother hold my feet in her lap and lightly tickle them
Reading stories aloud with my grandma – Dr. Seuss and limericks were my favorites
Wrestling with my uncle (he always let me win)

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The smell of the toolshed (the old leather, motorcycles, tools, rust, gasoline, metal, sawdust, etc..). I used to run away from my family and go explore in my grandpas shed. he always had the coolest stuff. i felt like an explorer. or a private eye…

that smell still lingers in my mind.

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Sunday morning breakfasts…playing in the countryside….doing art projects….reading my brains out…family vacations….getting tucked in at night

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when i was 7 my mom was emplyed seasonly and had time off in the summer. that year we lived around the corner from a pool and went there everyday. the best memory in all this is getting out of the cold buisy water and having my mom wrap me up in a sun-warmed towel and hold me on her lap :)

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Family vacations when we stayed at KOA Campgrounds and visited the sites like the Grand Canyon and Smoky Mountains, feeding the chipmunks… you know back when life was really a lot simpler and slower paced.

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