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What do you need to thrive?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31153points) October 9th, 2010

Life has many parts. There’s the need for clothing, shelter, water, air, and food. There’s the yearning for intimacy, a meaningful job, and good health. At some point, we realize that as individuals we wish for value and self-esteem.

In all of this rush to survive, what do we need that really rockets us into another realm? What sets us each apart?

What may be a luxury to someone else but is a necessity to you?

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Justice, logic, escalation.

Me and people that “I JUST WANNA BE LEFT ALONE!!” don’t get along very well.

I sometimes feel like a holy knight way behind on his rightious killings.

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Time with people and time alone.

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@zzc damn, I gave you a great answer but I think most people need this.

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@Zyx, I am consistently surprised how many people either don’t require or like time alone.

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@Zyx , and I should add, surprised how many people don’t know what to think, that nothing’s wrong, I just need some time alone. . . it’s usually someone I was dating, when I think about it.

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Aside from the obvious food and shelter etc. I need activity. Access to a social network in my local area- things to do, places to go. Being cooped up alone in my house all day every day would drive me nuts. I am definitely one of those people who does not require alone time (though it’s nice, once in a while, if there’s something I want to do without interruptions).

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@zzc That makes a little more sense. I can’t imagine wanting time away from someone I consider cool enough to be in a relationship with.

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I just need a new hip!

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Sleep, a good book to read and extra ammo.

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I need food, roof over my head, electricity, and my computer. Oh! and connection to to internet.

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Art Supplies . . .

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Food, air, water, sleep, people, and love.

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Having lived into my 40’s then I know what has done best for me is to be able to travel around the country, spend time with my friends and to be loved.

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Mental balance.

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Sex and Jimmy Cliff. Not necessarily in that order either.

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A pack of Marlboro, a hot fresh cup of Colombian coffee, and a doughnut.

You knew i would say doughnut, didn’t you?

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I also need cheese, pretty sure of it.

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@john65pennington You did not disappoint . . . .

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I forgot to add a bottle of Sailor Jerry and a crazy straw.

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everyone simply need to know themselves.
when that occurs you will also find that you have the need of no thing.

for you already posseses every single thing that you thought you needed.

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just me!! fuck you!! Lol…....;-0

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my mate and my dogs, some food and not much else. Now if you ask me what I would like to have I might have said a castle, my own island, a gas guzzling Hummer and probably a cow or 2.

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Beer. That’s about it. Sad but, it’s true.

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God, I would be only half a person without em’.

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Love, tenderness, alone time and books. Lots and lots of books.

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Kayak8. everyone thinks CD stands for compact disc. not so, it really stands for cops and doughnuts.

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Less government intrusion into my daily life.

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