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If you were sneaking away with your s/o for a short trip, what all would you have to remember to do?

Asked by lucifer (252points) October 9th, 2010

Assume, for some reason that you need to go on a trip with your s/o and you don’t want your parents/friends/others to know about it. What all would you have to remember to do in terms of packing, making reservations and planning other such details, while ensuring that your cover isn’t blown ?

Also, if this were going to be your first trip together, a list of Dos and Don’ts would also be helpful :)

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Would you be willing to provide more information? How old are the two people involved? Do they live with their parents or on their own/with a roommate? Do they have personal credit/debit cards? Would they be willing to lie or could just being evasive work? Are they already sexually active?

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Not much….don’t carry many clothes, don’t need to contact anyone, and it would not be our first trip. So…

Oh, are you asking us or need advise?

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Find a babysitter, and pack some clean underwear. Go, baby, go. I would not put to much fuss into it that would leave a trail and people would find us. Tell babysitter don’t tell anyone.

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@lucifer If you could provide a few more details, Fluther can definitely help you pull this off. Is this a romantic trip? Is this a business trip? Why can’t other people know about it (they could help you pull it off)? Are there children involved (in other words, is a babysitter needed)? Are you planning to drive? Fly? Do you have a destination in mind?

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My son tried this with his track team….with snow on the ground!

All four of the guys had planned a trip to Gatlinburg(for whatever reason). we believed their story for a while, until i had to give my son an important phone call message(this was before cellphones). so, we called his coaches house to talk to the coaches wife. guess who answered the phone? their coach. hmmmmmmmmmm.

All four arrived at my house on a Sunday afternoon, still in their track uniforms and snowing outside. all four were excited about winning their track meet and showed us their trophies. upon closer inspection of one trophy, it was discovered to have a date two years earlier at an entirely different location. B U S T E D….............

What did they do over that weekend? never did know, but i have a feeling it had something to do with girls.

Point here is this…........if your getaway is legal(agewise), then both of you sit down and make plans that have no loopholes in it. people are smart and will discover your plot, if you do cover all your tracks.

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My mother lives with us so there wouldn’t be any sneaking away in secret. If it were just the two of us though then we’d have to arrange for our dogs to be fed and watered and that’s about it.

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Well since I would be trying to cover my tracks I would have to set the scene for my alibi. I would call my sister and tell her to say I was with her just in case anyone asked. I would have to leave enough food and water for the cats, unplug everything in the house and pack some munchies and water to take on the trip. Oh and a bottle of wine.

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You’ll want to avoid telling anyone (even a babysitter) about your plans. That way, no one will feel obligated to lie for you – that’s just uncomfortable for them anyway. Also, if you’re inventing an alibi, make sure you lay the groundwork by making a reservation at the place you’re supposedly going. You can always cancel it later.

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Why would I be sneaking? I’m all grown up. This should be in the social section—it’s hardly a serious question. I think you are too young to go away with your bf/gf.

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Pack light and have my neighbors feed Brewster(dog) and Mouser(cat).

I’ve done this before ;)

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Thanks for all the advise :)

A few clarifications, Yes, this is the first trip, yes it is romantic and NO there are no kids involved :P

I’m just looking to have a nice, safe few days of rest and relaxation without having to worry about any interruptions :)

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