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What is your pet peeve?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 9th, 2010

Mine is people spelling iPod like IPod or I-Pod, or the worst, Ipod.

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People who use the word “should.” It just grates on my nerves, and instantly gets my shackles up. If I slip and use the word, I try to go back and correct myself by replacing it with “could.” I just don’t like the word and all it represents…I guess it’s the bohemian in me.

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People who don’t remove the safety seal entirely from a bottle of pills.

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The word “balls”, as in “Wow, you have balls for doing that.” It is so sexist, and it takes a great amount of effort to bite my tongue.

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Cell phones in restaurants and theatres.

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loud cell phone talkers. hate em. those that park their shopping trolleys in the middle of the aisle and hold a family meeting, or chat on their cell phone

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I have so many. Guys that wear their pants down around their ankles, leaving a swallow of juice in the fridge, leaving the toilet seat up, loud talkers, close standers, people who chew with their mouth open or spit when they talk. Rude old people (you should know better), people coughing in their hands, low talkers and mumblers, people who interrupt, lazy people, stupid people. I’ll get some more before the days ended.

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Bicyclists who run stop signs. Especially when they pass me to do it (I am the bicyclist that stops).

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@truecomedian I fold back the seal half way and re-close it after every use because I believe that helps preserve the contents. I do this with pills, mayonnaise, butter and any other foil topped container

My pet peeve is duplicate questions

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I have the same ones as @trailsillustrated, I especially hate the blue tooth users that get mad because people just stare at them for talking to themselves! The family get togethers in the middle of the aisles get me too. I also have to go with @Akua, the guys with the droopy drawers, the swallow of milk or juice in the fridge, people that chew loudly with their mouths open!

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People who chew gum with their mouth open…

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i cannot stand rudeness in a man. I will not tolerate it.

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They’ve started putting up Christmas decorations in my town centre. At the start of October! Grrrr!

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Stuff that’s out of tune:)
Unfortunately my brother uses it against me all the time…

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Pet Peeve: having to dodge globs of spit and dog shit as I walk down the street. Why do people feel the need to spit on the sidewalk? Use tissue and the garbage people!
And for pete’s sake if you’re going to have the responsibility of a dog, pick up his shit when he’s done. Why should I have to see that?

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Oh did I remember to mention cold water? If I swim in water that’s cold at all, I freeze very quickly…

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