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Had a baby July 28th 2010 and have not had a menstrual cycle since...

Asked by Lothloriengaladriel (1550points) October 9th, 2010 from iPhone

Though I did have the bleeding for about a week and a half after birth, should I be worried? I am Not breastfeeding

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Things like stress and medications can affect how quickly your cycle gets going again. It’s not unusual for your menstrual cycle to take a couple months to recover from childbirth. Everyone is different of course, and this may be “normal” for you. If it goes to three months I’d schedule an appointment and get a checkup, just to reassure you if nothing else.

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It’s normal, even without breastfeeding some women can go without a cycle for 3 months. Hormonal re-balancing takes time.

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Any possibility you could be pregnant?

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not intentionally but yes I think there could always be a possibility

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It could be your hormones needing time to readjust, but it could also be pregnancy. I’d take a HPT to see what it says. Then, make a doctors appointment either way.

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I think you should take a pregnancy test. It certainly could just be hormonal post pregnancy stuff, but if you are having unprotected sex, I think it is just as likely you are pregnant.

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god I hope it’s just the hormones ): I’ve taken 2 pregnancy test both being negative

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Well, if they are negative, you probably aren’t pregnant.

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