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How Do You Make Changes with the New Profile Pages?

Asked by Kayak8 (16438points) October 9th, 2010

I love the new profile pages, but have struggled with a couple things:

For example, if I am on the “Topic” tab and I want to add some more topics, it is not clear how I might do this. It may be obvious, but I seem to be missing it.

Also on the main profile page, you can only see a handful of “topics” with an arrow indicating you can see more if you push the button. But from the main profile page, it does this cool thing where if you run your cursor over a topic, you can see how many people and how many questions go with the topic. If you click the arrow and go to the page where you can see all the topics in the profile, you lose the ability to scroll over them and see how many people and questions are associated with the topic.

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They are building a topics page where you will be able to scan and add topics to your profile and this will be launched soon. Until then the only way to add topics is to find them on questions and hover and add.

If you want to see the number of people following a topic click on it and look at the tabs.
I agree that It would be nice to have hover on the personal topics page, as we move forward I am sure all this will be streamlined. :)

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So I didn’t miss anything—you really can’t add topics from the topics page—only from hovering in questions?

That’s cool as I didn’t know about the hover maneuver (except as used in public restrooms) . . .

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Nope you did not miss anything. When testing I asked the same question about adding topics and they told me about the upcoming topics page.

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Excellent @Dog, thanks very much!

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It was an unfortunate last minute decision to pull the hovercard on that page because you could remove a topic then click the remove button on the side which would throw a nasty error. On other people’s profiles you’ll see the hovercard.

Adding topics can’t really be done from your profile right now. We decided to just put what we had in your hands because it was blocking things like search from coming out. We play on adding a nice auto-completer and some smart suggestions so you can more easily add topics to your profile. We started work on it but realized it would take too long. I’m sorry you’ll have to live with it temporarily.

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OoooOoooh! I had the same question! Thanks @Dog and @Kayak8!

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And now I know that it is called a hovercard!

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If I want to update quickly, I check my fluther’s topics. If anyone has obne that matches me I add it. Easy. I just did a bunch.

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