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Cheapest way to move?

Asked by isb3 (34points) March 31st, 2008

I don’t have any friends with a pick-up truck. I’m only moving to an apartment a few blocks away from my current one. If it wasn’t for the bed, couch and other larger items, I would just make multiple trips with my car. Any ideas?

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you can usually rent a small UHaul truck or something like that really cheaply, especially since you aren’t going very far.

EDIT—I think Lowes or Home Depot rents trucks as well

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Rent a U-Haul truck for an afternoon in-town, and get a couple friends to help. It will probably come in under $100.

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Or if you’re in a city with Zipcar, you can rent a pickup for less than $10/hr.

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I have used for this exact purpose before. Last time I moved I got a guy to help me move for $20 and a six-pack of Pabst.

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I would rent a U-Haul or rent a truck with a flatbed. I am sure you can get everything moved in one day, since it’s not that far.

@johnpowell: That’s a great deal, but as a girl I wouldn’t go that way. You just never know who you come across these days.

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@babygalll You aren’t kidding, johnpowell could show up.

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I recently moved and used a truck from home depot. Their prices were the most reasonable and the design of the truck made moving very simple for me and the misses. I had bad luck with lowes and if I had to choose again it would be home depot.

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