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John Lennon's birthday. Do you actually celebrate this in some way?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) October 9th, 2010

Every day is someone famous, dead or alive, birthday – somewhere. And it’s a global village – so from Ghandi to Elvis… do you actually tip your hat, play a record or break out the champagne?

I played Imagine on the guitar and thought about him for a moment.

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I acknowledge and appriciate dead artists contributions but I do not idealize anyone or keep a calender of dead famous peoples birthdays on hand to celebrate. lol

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I stood on my doorstep & proceeded to yell “I am the walrus” to perplexed passers by….......yeah, imagine that!

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It’s John Lennon’s birthday?

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By remembering how great he looked on the cover of People Magazine when he turned 40, and me thinking that’s exactly how I wanted to look at 40. Shit, he had a whole wonderful creative life ahead of him…

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I put a video of his up on my FB feed.

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Yes, for a personal reason. Here’s to you John. In My Life (his favorite song)

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No. It happens everyday and he’s not the only celebrity who has a birthday. Everyone in this world have their own birthday so why should I celebrate his birthday? Is it because he’s a well-known celebrity and others aren’t?

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I changed my FB profile picture to one of him. Kind of silly, really, but I don’t care.

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It’s Johnies birthday!

A rock legend I truely miss. I remember him on his birthday, but I don’t think of him being 70 today. He never got older than 40.

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@filmfann Why, oh why did you have to mention how old he would have been?

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I didn’t even know it was his birthday until google announced it with one of their special google logos. I don’t even care. I’m not celebrating his birthday. Celebrities mean nothing to me.

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For me, it’s not that he was a celebrity so much as that he was a beautiful soul. He’s a kindred spirit, someone I think the world would be a better place for if he was still around, someone who has been a dramatic influence in my life, and someone who I will love and miss for the rest of my life even though he died before I was born.

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I celebrated with Yoko, Sean and many others last Saturday at the Orpheum. Wowza!

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Nope. I’m not really a fan.

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I’ve been playing his songs all day. He was truly one of the greats. According to Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 100 Greatest Albums, John Lennon had 10 albums that made the list when you count both his solo albums and The Beatles. Not even Paul McCartney can say that. RIP John. Hope you’re rockin’ Heaven tonight.

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^ Nice.

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No. I don’t even acknowledge it, because it doesn’t matter to me.

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No. I could not give less of a fuck, to be honest.

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@bob_ less of a fuck = ?

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