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Do any of you live completely alone at home?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21515points) October 9th, 2010

For any reason, do you live alone. Divorced, widowed, unmarried, by choice, whatever…...

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I used to live with my brother, but he moved out about a month or two ago, so i have had the place to my self since then.

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@poisonedantidote are you happy to have your privacy or do you miss him terribly?

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Ha, chance would be a fine thing. Well okay, it’s nice to live in a family environment…. sure it is. Alone time is treasured though, however brief.

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Alone. Just me and the dog. I love it. My daughter is fairly close by, which is lovely, but I’m really happy to be living alone.

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Yep, divorced almost 8 years and still lovin’ living alone.

I have my pair of new cats, my goosey pals and yes, as @JilltheTooth says..I LOVE living alone, especially in my safe and serene environment up here in the hills.

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Yes, I had roommates but they moved, and I’m never voluntarily doing it again.

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I have a 2 bedroom apt to myself by choice. My s/o lives across the parking lot in a 1 bedroom but I am there most of the time. I like that I have my own place… space when I need it. I love it.

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I have a three bedroom house I share with two large dogs and a cat and a boatload of plants.

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I also have a three-bedroom house that I share with a dog. I had a roommate for a couple of years, a woman I still really like and respect. But I was just not comfortable sharing my space and won’t do it again unless I have to (she jokes that she scarred me for life, but she was a very good roommate). I sometimes finish this story by saying, “I guess I’m just weird that way,” so it’s nice to see I’m not so weird… or at least not so unusual.

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I am unmarried and currently don’t live with my boryfriend. I have dogs though.

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About five years ago ,after a divorce, I lived alone. It is not my cup of tea. I need companionship.So I got a dog. It helped. There are some perks though. You don’t want to clean that day you don’t. Save money.(food for one, lower bills) , you have the whole bed to yourself .

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