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What was your first fear?

Asked by shockvalue (5797points) October 9th, 2010

The earliest fear you can remember?

Mine has always been clowns.

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Open-back stairs. When very young, Dad would sometimes take me to his office. In the lobby of the building was a huge flight of stairs, very wide with no backs, so you could see the wall behind the stairs while walking up. I was always afraid of slipping and falling through. Ever since, I’ve had nightmares about open-back stairs.

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Freddy Krueger. My babysitter made me watch the first Nightmare on Elm Street when I was 4. I had nightmares for weeks and my parents put in so much effort to show me how fake it was that horror movies stopped scaring me to this day.

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Dickie Dark, no not a perverted uncle!! Just a little term I use. So yeah, the dark was my first fear.

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Things that went bump in the night.That, and clowns without makeup ;)

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A monster called “The Hah!” that supposedly was kept captive in my great uncle’s cellar. When he grew irritated with me or my cousin then he’d open up the door in the floor and drag us screaming downstairs in the dark where he’d throw a bearskin over himself and then chase us down, growling and pinching.

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Fear of falling. When I was four, I was in an accident (fell out of a shopping cart, hit the back of my head on a pipe, and my forehead was cut by the falling shopping cart). Ever since then, I become paralyzed whenever I’m in a situation that could be a potential falling hazard. For example, when riding the crisscross, multi-level escalator in Macy’s (formerly Marshall Fields) in downtown Chicago, the optical illusion causes me to panic. I’ve had to ask whoever was with me to hold my hand and help me take the escalator. This fear isn’t for every potential hazard, just ones in which I don’t feel like I can protect myself from falling. The funny thing is, though, I’m not afraid of heights as long as I feel secure.

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My mom….she had quite the temper and I guess I gave her lots of reason to have one!

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Same as OP. The first fear I remember is being deathly afraid of clowns.

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the cieling monster that I was sure was living in our ceilings. I was terrified when my dad tore down the cieling when remodeling. I ran away in fear knowing that the ceiling monster would fall down and kill us all.

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I remember being frightened by the dark and at night I was certain there were snakes on the floor in my bedroom.

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This will sound very strange I know but when very young I used to feel the arch of my foot in bed and it felt too long towards the heel as though the shape of my foot had become distorted. The more I felt it to reassure myself it was OK the more out of shape it felt until I had to go to the bathroom to make sure it was OK. I was very young.

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Spiders still is.

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The first time I remember going to the doctor, he showed me a picture of a skeleton and said that I had one inside me, which freaked me out. From then on I was afraid of going under my bedcovers, in case when I came out I was a skeleton. Weird fear, I know, but I must’ve been only 2 or 3 years old.

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Chuck Norris, still is.

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The long dark hallway that led to our back staircase. I never wanted to go down the hall.

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I’d have to say my earliest fear was my basement. First off because the stairs are small 2 by 4’s. And because it looks like and dungeon and is very creepy.

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Abandonment. EEW, tmi

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Getting shots. Every time I went to the pediatrician from the time I was a baby up until about aged 7, I always got a very painful shot. And to add insult to injury, my doctor’s office was decorated with clowns! And my doctor, although he was a very kind man, had a very deep voice kind of like Dracula. On the other hand, my pediatric dentist never had to give me shots, because I was lucky enough to have very good teeth and no cavities. Plus my dentist wore Hawaiian print medical smocks and his voice sounded just like Sterling Holloway (the guy who did the voice for Winnie the Pooh).

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The one I remember the earliest being was either my toys coming to life (Thanks, Child’s Play) or the devil coming through my floor to get me. I remember putting marbles on the floor next to my bed so that if he come up, he would slip and fall.

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Maybe my first memory of getting on the school bus in pre-school.

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A tie between clowns and spiders.

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Caterpillars, and still is my biggest fear.

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first, balloons popping. my second, spiders.

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@Gamrz360 i suggest you avoid the movie it in that case.

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When I got on an airplane for the first time I was always afraid that it would crash. Every time the plane would turn I would hold on to my dad because I thought we were going down. Now it’s clowns. I still hate clowns, because I saw It when I was six years old.

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Getting lost on a car ride. Once on a family trip we got really lost and it took my dad what felt like hours to find the way home. I have since outgrown that fear and discovered that I have a fabulous sense of direction.

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the cupboard under the stairs

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@shockvalue and @anartist Balloons was one of my first fears too. The way the people’s faces looked when they were inflating them freaked me out.

@Aesthetic_Mess I saw the movie It for the first time about a year ago (at age 36) and it scared the **** out of me. I don’t have a low fright tolerance either. That thing was sincerely scary.

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Probably water.

I almost drowned when I was a toddler, and I’ve seen pics of me being held at the beach with the most terrified expression on my face.

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