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Anyone want to play the Unfortunate Title for that Name Game?

Asked by ETpro (34482points) October 9th, 2010

Examples might be Pastor Prime, Private Partz, General Stoar… You get the idea. See Major Anne Serform to fill in your offerings.

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I had a good friend in high school whose last name was Sanders. He was in JROTC. We all had a good time ribbing him the day he made Colonel.

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The Art of Masturbation : A journey of self discovery a book by Mr.Wayne Kerr :¬)

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@ETpro I’m having trouble with Major Anne Serform. What’s it supposed to be?

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@papayalily, if I am understanding it correctly… Anne Serform = answer form.

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Major Richard Head.

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President : Sarah Palin….ooh, slightly controversial!

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@Seek_Kolinahr If he continued on in ROTC, he just may have made it to full bird Colonel. That kind of brass wouldn’t get teased about his name by anyone but a General, though.

@ucme No title there, but I bet if we google it, there is a Facebook page for just such a person.

@papayalily Sorry if that was too obscure. @rpmpseudonym has it right—It translates to major answer form—the box you typed your question into.

@papayalily Is that the officer that molested General Anne S. Thesia while she was out cold in the OR?

@ucme That one’s more scarry than funny. :-)

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@ETpro Yes, yes it was.

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I feel sorry for the Navy recruit who got caught with his pants down; Seaman Staines.

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Poor Brad Fisup never got any respect at the beach.

Even when he gave the Queen her first orgasm in 80 years and was consequently granted knighthood, Sir Fisup still got dissed at the beach. :-(

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Poor Brad’s just been going to the wrong beaches. ALl the guys are yelling for him at Pipeline in Hamaiii.

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