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Where can I find a commercial toilet with a foot pedal?

Asked by kimberly (32points) March 31st, 2008

No, not the kind you see everyday in restaruants, because those aren’t foot pedals. Those are actually intended for your hand. Any brands? Advice?

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@ kimberly ~ there are a lot of commercial grade toilets if you want to go that route, I would just try a search engine online. In the meantime I did find this adaptor which retrofits any ordinary toilet. Good luck.

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i think the only toilets on the market today in the usa all have either hand flushers or electronic eyes. the only exception to that is rv’s have toilets with foot pedals you can try…hope this helps! good luck.p.s. the Foot Flush (see answer above with link in it) retrofits to tank type toilets with flappers. see:

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Strange request. :( ! Should I be concerend? JK… i would check eBay.

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