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What planet would you most like to visit?

Asked by flutherother (28953points) October 9th, 2010

Real or imaginary, the choice is yours.

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Uranus….nah scratch that, looks like a bit of a shit hole! Erm, yeah I’m going to say Pluto.

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Real: mars
Fictiona: risa

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For some reason, Jupiter has always been my favorite planet. So there, I guess.

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The one I’ve been developing for the last 14 years. Alas, I go there only in my imagination.

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Saturns my favorite planet (: maybe that planet.
But I heard they discovered a new planet that has the same characteristics as Earth to live on sooo maybe that planet LOL
but it’s like 23 trillion light years away xp

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Mons Venus

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All the others planets,except the Earth,are inhabitable. And I don’t know any imaginary planets. So I’ll pick a planet with thick rain forest,ever-lasting food supply,and lots of harmless tame-aliens.

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Any planet that Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) or the young Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto) are visiting. : )

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The one where all the people live like they do on the Star Trek Enterprise.

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The new planet they just discovered, i’m not sure what its called but heres a website on it.

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It’s got to be Jupiter. There is so much going on there. Lot’s of moons; some off them very strange. Really weird electromagnetic stuff too.

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Real: Saturn, dig those icy rings.
Fictional: Magrathea, so I can customize a new Earth.

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Friggin’ Jupiter.

It has a storm three times as big as earth that has existed for at least 300 years.

The planet’s weather phenomena are so complex that they almost resemble huge-sized life forms.

Jupiter’s “surface” is an ocean of liquid metal.

Jupiter spins so fast (once every eight hours) that it bulges out noticeably in its center. Like all planets, the spinning makes it act as an electromagnetic dynamo; but Jupiter’s magnetic field is so huge and powerful that it nearly reaches Earth; it also screws up electronic devices that fly close to it.

If Jupiter was any bigger, its gravity would cause enough pressure to generate fusion and it would be a star.

Jupiter’s moons are also pretty rad. Io ejects so much volcanic debris that it creates a “donut” around Jupiter’s magnetosphere. Europa might have an ocean of life-bearing water underneath its icy crust.

Saturn is also pretty awesome.

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Saturn. I like rings.

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I still need to come back down to Earth.

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