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What do you think was the most waste of a item(money) you have ever bought in your life?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) October 9th, 2010

Can be anything, body products,tools,etc. With me, I say probably Bio Oil but I would mostly say Smooth Away.That mess didn’t remove anything except give me a bad red,dry and itchy irritation on my skin.What a waste of $ 20.

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Social Security

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Any service purchased in a salon. If I had it all back, I could pay off a couple of months’ worth of mortgage on the house.

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Perfumes. I have a habit of collecting perfumes but I don’t dare usually use them till they’re all expired.

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A pair of $110 shoes that I wore twice.

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Lumineers. I had them for two years, and I broke one by eating cereal. O.0

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dermajuv- you could put vaseline on your skin and get the same result

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I spent about $600 on a camera. I love the camera, but if I am being honest with myself – I didn’t need that camera. Every time I hear that shutter release, I am hating myself at the speed of 1 /3200 sec.

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Before I knew anything about computer security some jackass at a local repair shop actually charged me something like $250–300 to “clean up the 800 viruses I found on your computer”. After that I resolved to never pay a single solitary cent for any sort of computer maintenance again.

I would call that the worst few hundred bucks I’ve ever spent.

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I once paid a refundable registration fee for a free vacation, but it turned out every day I picked was blacked out, and you have to actually take the vacation to get the refund.

The most money I’ve paid for something that was not worth the expense was a high end stroller I bought a couple of years ago, only to find out I could have gotten the stroller plus a detachable car seat for the same price at a close out sale.

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Back in college a bough a pair of shoes for 180 dollars, I then lost them within the same day.

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@FutureMemory That person whoever did that to you REALLY RIPPED YOU OFF! He or she only charged you that much not to actually care about helping of giving you the best anti-virus support,they only charged you that much to so they can take your money with a very greedy mind.Before getting a new lap top, my father bought me a Anti-Malware cleaning cd called Trend Micro Anti Virus plus Anti-Spyware and it like costed I think $ 30 or lower and it really helped my system.Sorry that happened to you. :-(

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I used to really love football. I mean, growing up in the Pittsburgh area, you can’t not. It’s fun…but I also really liked the Indianapolis Colts…and one time a friend and I drove to Indy for a game and spent over 400 each on tickets. OMG im nauseous at the thought. Silly me…the days I didn’t pay rent. :(

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@CyanoticWasp, I have a feeling you won’t feel that way later in your life.

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Some of my worst purchases involved cars. For example, I traded in a totally paid off, one-year old VW for a Mustang stick that I hated. That dumb deal put me in hock for two years.

Even dumber was the time I bought an MGB, realized it was too small for me after two days, and traded it back to the dealer for an MG. I lost a ton of money on the little deal.

Fortunately, I haven’t made those kind of car buying mistakes since my 30s.

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I bought a fairly new 1986 Aerostar. Those things were a lemon’s lemon.

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As a new parent I bought TONS of stuff I didn’t, on which I spent probably several thousands of dollars. To all you new moms, really all you need is a baby sling, a highchair that straps onto a kitchen chair and later converts to a booster chair, and a good, small, light stroller that grows with your kid. You do not need a boatload of parenting books, portable car bottle warmer, etc.

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@filmfann Really? We bought one and drove it over 100,000 miles – we wanted another one, but they quit making them.

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I have this expensve bread maker.I bought the thing with good intentions of having wonderful soft warm homemade bread. Used it once. Sits gathers dust. I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets.

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A used car that I have spent a fortune repairing.

A steam cleaner that spreads the dirt rather than cleans it!

Shoes that turned out to be torture devices for my feet and were not worn more than two or three times.

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A 2000 Ford Focus. With all the recalls and repairs on that thing, the Ford Motor Company should have given me free room and board at the dealership. When it finally died last December, a week before Christmas, and I bought a Honda Fit, it was the best Christmas present ever.

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Airline ticket to Norway. (ash… that was harsh… but, still, it’s probably true)

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@YARNLADY We had ours for about 80,000 miles, and went thru 4 transmissions. On the last one, we just got rid of it.

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I bought a new Jeep Cherokee in the ‘70s (back in the AMC days). It was my first stick shift and only had 3 speeds. ( I knew nothing about having a stick…) It also turned out to be a lemon, before lemon laws. I kept a box in the back full of belts and hoses and useful bits of stuff for repairs, I spent a lot of time sitting in the engine compartment fixing stuff. That car was so underpowered, I figured it had gerbils on a wheel under the hood. Cost about $5000. I have since had the “SUCKER” tattoo removed from my forehead.

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Wow! I saw the question and I was going to say smooth away!! I was so pissed that it didn’t work.

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