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What are your beauty nemeses?

Asked by MrsDufresne (3547points) October 9th, 2010

Mine are weight, acne, and frizz. What beauty nemesis do you battle?

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Age and apathy.

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really long big curly thick hair. time consuming. I’d like to be thinner

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I have keratosis pilaris on the back of my upper arms, thick, frizzy hair that can take a while to blow dry and straighten if I haven’t thinned it in a while, man hands and horrible nails. My hands would be prettier if I stopped biting my nails.

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I’m too tall and all like, look like my body has never adjusted to growing phases. I mean my knees are all knobby, my back is all weird and I walk around like I have Dystonia. But my kick ass hair makes up for it lol.

Plus, buck teeth.

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Dark under eye circles and the beginning of facial wrinkling. Sigh….

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Monthly breakouts (at 42!), grey hair, and my teeth, and I’ll go with what @perg said, but not the age part. Just apathy. (I’m often taken for someone a decade younger… my mother’s genes)

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My face. :-p

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My facial skin. It’s constantly breaking out and I’m a bit spotty now, with hyper-pigmented leavings of old zits.

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“Bacne” I know it’s gross lol
This dry patch on my scalp
And of course my weight fluctuates daily

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A midwest accent.

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im perfect. nah mine are my hair, it is oily and greasy but i never put anything in it, weight, and breakouts

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