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Do you have your Xbox 360 in an upright position, or lay it down flat?

Asked by adrianscott (621points) March 31st, 2008

And does it really matter longevity/heat-wise?

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It does not matter the way that you have it placed, as long as you never flip it, knock it over or turn it with a disk inside.

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Mine stands. Which i learned was a bad idea after my girlfriend knocked it over with halo inside while i was playing. My xbox carved a circle into the disc. :( So now it lays down so we dont have that happen again.

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my brother-in-law has his laying down. I think after you read the answers above you’ll know why ha.

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As long as you have it so air can get to it with out being concealed, you should be good. And I have mine in the upright position.

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laying down for reasons stated above.

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Laying down

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laying down. i heard that having it upright often scratches the discs inside.. i have a friend that has had that happen several times, and has now laid it flat and has no problems now.

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Laying down – it seemed all cool to have it upright, but discs kept falling out, and now it fits better in our ET center. Plus, when the first one was stolen (our house got robbed and they ran through and took all the tech-y gizmos) the xbox had been laying down, and because we didn’t dust underneath it they left a big fat handprint in the dust…muahahahaha

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Layin down… I’m scared it will tip over

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Laying down. No flip for me!

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My 360 is flat. When the 360 is in vertical mode, disks inside the console run a higher risk of scratching. I have placed my ps2 in the horizontal orientation as well because of this reason.

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Man… I guess everybody lays theirs down. So do I, for that matter, because it fits better in my entertainment center. Purely for aesthetic reasons.

However… standing up or laying flat; I’ve already had two red-rings-of-death. I’m on my third Xbox 360.

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what are the rings of death?

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@sleuth9216 when your Xbox 360 has a hardware malfunction, the circle surrounding the Xbox’s power button glows red instead of the usual green. In some cases when this happens, your Xbox is not recoverable and you will have to take it in to get it repaired (or send it to Microsoft under warranty).

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oh wow, ouch

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This is an article I found about the manufacturing of the XBox 360. It is designed to sit flat OR upright.
UP AND DOWN. Another challenge was engineering the console to work in two orientations. The designers worked closely with the Xbox engineers and the manufacturer, Flextronics, to ensure that the weight would be distributed such that it didn’t tip over in the upright position, for instance, and that the air flow cooling the machine worked upright or flat.

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