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What are some great words for describing a comical scene in a book?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) October 9th, 2010

I am writing a novel (again), but I am getting concerned that I am slowly recycling words. I want to keep the language flowing in my book to keep people interested. So could you throw me a few good words for a funny scene?

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There are a lot of them here online Thesaurus.

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I, perhaps, misunderstood the question. Are you just looking for synonyms for “comical” or “funny?” If so, @YARNLADY has got your answer.

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Words for describing a comical scene? I’m afraid I don’t understand. Describing it would be saying something like “It’s funny, comical, hilarious.” But you can’t make people laugh by telling them something is funny. A comical scene shouldn’t use any words that mean “funny.”

Incidentally, if you want to check your possible overuse of words, here’s a great tool. I don’t consider a story or article finished until I’ve run this and checked which words might have occurred too many times. There are some words so distinctive that you can’t use them more than once or twice in the whole of a full-length novel.

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Funny is different for each person. If you’re looking for funny, read Ian Frazier’s Dating Your Mom or Jean Sheperd’s Wanda Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories and Other Disasters.

Many situations are humorous if you present people with something they can identify with, and subtly point out the humor in the situation.

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Erma Bombeck was a master of writing things that are funny so she may be worth a perusal . . .

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Another technique that can make a quip funny is alliteration. After I posted above, I just darted over to FB to catch up and a friend had posted about an ice cream treat she had just had.

“After several hours of canvassing, a friend took me to the new ice cream parlor and treated me to a new signature creation: The Ohito Sundae. Backyard mint ice cream covered in muscanado sugar rum sauce, with lime squeezed over it and whipped cream on top. Oh My Gluttonous Goddess.”

The “Oh My Gluttonous Goddess” comment made me laugh out loud. I stopped and thought about why it was funny to me and ran back over here to repost . . . it is the expectation of a completely different phrase along with the alliteration used that made this funny to me . . .

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