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The best breakfast juice is?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) October 10th, 2010

When it comes to breakfast what do you think is the best juice for it, apple juice, grape juice, orange juice or cranberry juice? Why did you pick the juice you did, because of the vitamins, health benefits, etc? And is the juice you pick incumbent one what food you are eating for breakfast?

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Otherwise, Carrot juice with honey.

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A mixture of fresh orange and pineapple juice.

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Guava. I lived in Hawaii when I was a kid and they doled it out like other places do orange juice. It was just so delicious and I still prefer it to this day. However, I don’t normally drink juice very often, so really Diet Coke is my morning beverage.

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Passion Orange Guava :)

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My favourite is grapefruit. I choose it because it’s not as sweet as most others, and I don’t like sweet. usually though, I just have tea.

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Orange juice when eating eggs.

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Freshly squeeze OJ or grapefruit juice, lightly frozen.

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Ocean Spray Fruit & Veggie Juice

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mixed fruit juice! because it’s also healthy.

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Multi-V, it’s delicious and has a very healthy name.

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Orange Juice FTW!

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Not juice…. coffee

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Pink Grapefruit.

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I opt first for tomato with lemon pepper and if that is not available I love a good cold glass of grapefruit juice.

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Not a big juice drinker (health reasons), but the best I ever had was on vacation in Jamaica when they chopped off the top of a baby coconut and stuck a straw in it. Beverage and cup all in one, and delicious. What’s not to love?

Closer to home (and in the right season), I love cider. Apple juice is not cider.

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Here’s a question about American apple cider, which I understand is not alcoholic. What is the difference, in terms of ingredients or manufacturing process, betwen a non-alcoholic cider, and apple juice? Because where I come from cider is always alcoholic, and usually significantly stronger than beer.

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@downtide Good question, as the British apple cider came as a surprise. In America, apple cider is fresh-squeezed (or pressed) apples. If you look at this link you can see that the cider has apple pulp in it.

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@downtide – Apple juice that is not filtered or pasteurized, usually.

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I absolutely love passion fruit juice.

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I like cranberry and pineapple juice with breakfast. Grapefruit used to be my favorite, but it doesn’t do well when you are taking medicines.

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My fav. is Pineapple-Orange with a scoop of GNC Banana Whey protein powder.

Breakfast of aging champions. lol

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V8, spicy. I’ve never been much for sweet stuff in the morning and it helps keep my diet straight :) Although I typically just drink coffee or water. (sometimes chocolate or strawberry milk)

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I referred in my comment to “lightly frozen.” To elaborate—this is a trick I picked up from a gourmet restaurant at the Arizona Biltmore.

Rinse a glass (preferably a thin one, like a champagne flute) and shake off excess water but don’t dry. Pour in the juice, either purchased or squeezed, and place the glass in the freezer for about 10–12 minutes. It and the juice come out lightly rimed with ice crystals. Light freezing thickens the juice a bit and brings up its sweetness. Ahhhhhhh… delicious.

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Oooh V-8….yes…especially with Vodka! hahaha
Okay…make mine with 2 Martini olives and a celery fan please, heavy on the tabasco and don’t forget the Celery salt!

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@Coloma and pickled green beans!

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I was going to say that! I love those marinated string beans! Do you know how to make them yourself?

A product promo and testimonial from me…just recieved a Jack La Lane (sp?) power juicer from a pal last week. OMG! Made fresh apple juice from apples I picked at a local orchard…divine!

Great machine and lots of options for tons of recipes!

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@Coloma I want to make pickled green beans? How? I love bloody marys. I would drink one for breakfast after a night of clubbing when I was younger.

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Yes, @Coloma. A good Bloody Mary for breakfast… preferably at a lovely little restaurant. THAT’S the ticket. Thanks for reminding me!

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@Coloma that sounds absolutely delicious.

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Bloody Marys are my favorite part of brunch….and Sunday brunches are a must!
@Coloma this looks pretty easy, I haven’t tried it, but I may!

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Coffee, tea, or grapefruit juice. With the former two, I usually consume half as much of each as I do the sugar I put into them, my being 15 and all.

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@KhiaKarma I wonder if you can substitute asparagus for the green beans. I haven’t been able to find pickled asparagus for my Bloody Marys in years.
I also vote for Bloody Marys.

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A co-worker and his wife used to make a pitcher of Bloody Marys on Sunday mornings and dance together in their living room. It sounds so romantic.

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@papayalily probably. Wouldn’t hurt to try! Would you cook/steam them a little first? sounds yummy!

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You like Spam? Do you fry it or grill it? lololololol

Bloody Mary party at my place everyone…..Grey Goose but of course! haha ;-)

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@ragingloli @AmWiser Tecnically coffee is not a juice :-)

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