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How early will you have a cyber alcoholic drink?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) October 10th, 2010

It’s midnight somewhere.

I’m having scotch. Neat.

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Its 3:58 am so thats early? somewhere…sure

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It’s 4:06 a.m. I’ll have a Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum, please. My SO is (in reality) having a Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate vodka. He had been searching for someone who carried it all over town.

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Make mine a large Zubrowka on ice ;-)

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The replicator is on the blink. It’ll just take a moment. Hand-made drinks.

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I’ll be joining @zen_ with a neat single malt Scotch.

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Helloooo! I’m just making coffee so I’ll slip a little Irish Cream in it :P
It’s 7:00 a.m. here, that’s not so early.

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I have a large measure of Talisker malt whisky in a cut crystal glass. I am just going to look at it for a moment in the firelight before I take a sip. The time? I no longer know, I have lost all track of time.

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It is 7:40 am here. The sun is rising. I just finished the last beer and now I am going to sleep. I keep strange hours. btw, @zen_ see my hangover question I just posted. RE hangovers: considering my hours, I don’t know exactly when to have them.

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It’s Brunch time here… I’ll have a Mimosa. An Altarian Mimosa. Got that replicator fixed yet?

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No alcohol for me. I’ll just have some decaf iced tea.

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Finally – I have a pc again – so the replicator is up and running again too.


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A few drops of Scottish mineral water help soften a single-malt and really open up the flavours (IMHO). Lagavulin is my malt du jour.

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@meiosis The Islays are too smoky for my taste. My current favourite is this one: I’m very fond of Speysides.

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^ Nice.

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