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Has anyone read the book Siddhartha? If so, what is your view?

Asked by crackerjack (214points) March 31st, 2008
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My view is that it is one of the best books I have ever read. I sat down and started reading it and didn’t get up until I was done. I need to read it again.

Are you looking for a more in depth conversation about it? Do you have any questions about it?

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Well if you would like an in depth conversation, I will be happy to delve into one. I read the book for school two years ago, and I couldn’t put it down either. I don’t know about specific questions i just really enjoyed it and thought it was extremely well written book that made me realize that you can attain true happiness by virtually any means, you just have to find what fits you.

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Good analysis. Have you read anything else by Hesse? He is one of my favorites. All of his stuff is really good.

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Really, I have not heard of anything else written by him, what books would you recommend, and are any as well in-depth as siddhartha?

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It’s one of the few books that I periodically reread, because it’s amazing profound.

There’s a number of parts that I think about often, but one that sticks out is the sentence that’s something sort of like “and then he spent forty years in the pursuit of money”. That always blows me away, both is the negative and in the sense that he can return to his spiritual journey. Brilliant book.

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very true, I can’t comprehend being able to go back and forth between all of the areas that he does, and yet, somehow maintain the ability to continue his journey and not be corrupted, but end up on the exact opposite side of the spectrum being very spiritual

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Steppenwolf is amazing. Start there.

Demian should be number two on your list.

And read some Kafka while you are at it.

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ok thanks johnpowell I will try to find those books so I can read them

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With such great reviews of this book, I just went on amazon and bought it!

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you won’t be dissappointed eambos once you read it you will be really glad you bought it

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Sounds awesome! Always on the lookout for a new book =D

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This is a book I reread with my class on education a few years back (college course on education policy and health policy). One of my favorite scenes in the book is when Siddhartha asks his father permission to begin the journey, and his father says he can’t go. He stands immobile for more than a day until his father relents and allows him to leave. And then, only years later, does he understand the suffering of his father in losing him (his son). I don’t think he ever understood love until then. What a great book on so many dimensions. I used it in the class simply because it seems like a book everyone should read—and because it has connections to education as well as to many other areas of inquiry.

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Yes. Its absolutely amazing. AMAZING.
I adored it. I still quote it constantly.

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read in 9th grade for English. Wonderful book, I downed it in one sitting.

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This is a book I read once ever 3–4 years, and I always get something completely different out of it. It’s amazing.

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I read Siddhartha in my Junior English class and loved every minute of it. I was so disappointed when no one else in my class appreciated what a wonderful piece of literature it was. I rarely purchase novels, but that is on the list.

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