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Can you remember the first 'crush' you had on someone?

Asked by flutherother (29173points) October 10th, 2010

Who was it and how old were you at the time?

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Yess! The older brother of a friend. We were at a summer pool party at a local club. I was 13. On our first date, his mother had to drive us while we sat in the back seat. Good ol’ dreamy Dolph.

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Yes. I was in fifth grade and he was in my math and language arts classes. And he liked me back, which was pretty cool. What was even cooler – I could beat him at arm wrestling! That quit being true when he got more involved in sports.

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My first crush on an actual human being that I had physically met? That was Craig, in fifth grade. He had just moved from England. Blue eyed, tall, and dreamy. He wanted nothing to do with me, because I was friends with Daniel – the crazy-fun kid with ADHD.

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Yep. A little girl named Sherry Davenport. I don’t know exactly what grade, but I know it was earliest elementary school. Imagine remembering a name from that long ago! Oh—and she broke my heart

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A friend of mine was boy-crazy in third grade and asked whom I had a crush. I lied and chose the person I felt was least annoying.

In retrospect, the first crush I had was entirely oblivious to me throughout middle school. In sixth grade, I developed a rivalry with a boy that began as mild teasing but became acidic halfway through the year. It didn’t help that our teachers insisting on seated us near one another (I swore this was a conspiracy against me.) Near the end of the year we bonded by snitching on his cousin, who had been throwing spitballs during biology, and he defended me against someone who called me a slur when I neglected to grant them permission to copy my homework.

It wasn’t a butterflies in my stomach kind of crush, but I still pin it as my first… even if I didn’t admit it until well after we parted ways.

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It was a kid named T, because he was not as rough as the other boys and liked to play with my dolls with me. I was 6. Somehow it dawned on me that he was not interested in playing with me so much as he was trying to sneak my guardian’s make-up to use on the dolls. All the kids at our church figured it out his deal in short order and my crush dissipated, though we stayed friendly.

Too bad his mom couldn’t deal with it. She tried to force him to marry a woman when he was 25 and that was a grade A mess.

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Preschool. His name was Tyler. We were best friends and were convinced we were going to get married. He used to eat grass; it was true love.

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Not someone, something. Namely the mirror. God what a cutie, sex on legs. What’s that, my age? I was all of two & a half years old :¬)

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Who can’t ?

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Yes, it was a female teacher and I was about 6 years old. She was beautiful.

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Yes.He looked like Dennis the Menace.We grew up across the street from each other and even had cottages across the road from each other too.I saw him constantly.
When we were small,he would chase me around the pool and try to kiss me XD

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Oh yes. We were at the same kindergarten and she lived a block away from me. I couldn’t stop looking at her house each time I passed it. That became some kind of obsessive behavior that went on for many years, even after the crush was over.

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I do remember it. His name was Jamie. It was in 4th grade; we were both 9-years-old. I don’t remember specifically labeling it as a “crush” at the time, but I remember liking him a lot and as it progressed, it became clear that I had a crush on him. I remember feeling sick around him sometimes; I just got a strange feeling when I would look at him or think about him and I didn’t what to call it, but it’s pretty obvious it was a crush. He used to like to hold hands with me sometimes and we would do everything together. It was all fine until someone noticed our closeness and started making fun of us for it. We cut it off cold turkey after that. He moved to Massachusetts the next year, where he currently resides.

Interestingly enough, I am friends with him on Facebook and he is gay, as I suspected. We talked about everything, he didn’t forget anything and actually remembered more about it than I did.

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@DominicX That is so cute. ^_^ Except the mean kids part. Awesome, though, that you got in touch with him later.

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In first grade i was friends with a boy named David Tomer who looked likee me and also like a monkeey and i loved monkeys. I had such a huge crush on him for years, and in second grade i wrote how much i loved him in my classroom journaal and then the gym teacher came over and read it out loud. I died. He is still cute. Huge pothead though.

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I was about 4 or 5 and had a crush on a teen cousin who was just out of the Navy. He was a tall redhead with grey/green eyes and a fabulous smile.

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A guy in school who was half Icelandic/Portugies, he was in 9th grade and me in 8th grade, I told him about it and all he said to me was “okay”, the next days I was so shy and scared that everytime I saw him I would go down the stairs and come up at the other side of the school I didn’t feel like meeting him. But then I changed schools and now since I am in the IB system, the school that has that in Iceland is the only school in the whole country and that’s the school he’s in. So next year, we are going to be together in school.again!

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Yes. Well, I was attracted to a girl in 1st grade. Didn’t really crush on her though, especially because there was a boy who was a jerk to me about her.

Then another girl from 5th grade until I finally wrote something to her in 9th grade. Ouch.

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My memory is a bit hazy because I was 4 or 5, so I’m not sure which of these two came first, but it was either Wonder Woman or this older girl who lived in my neighborhood named Jennifer. I’m guessing she must have been 12 or 13, but I thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. I, of course, didn’t have the experience or brainpower yet to understand what I felt and know that it was a crush, but I thought she was so pretty, so nice, so amazing.. I couldn’t get enough of her and wanted to spend every moment in her presence. I got teased a little by the other neighborhood kids, who called me her puppy dog because I followed her everywhere.

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Yes his name was David. I was 14 and a freshmen in highschool he also gave me my first kiss.

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Yeah…His name was Brady. I was 8, he was probably 11 or 12. Our families had known each other since a long time before I could remember. He had brown skater hair that flopped when he walked. We both went to the same church, but in about ‘04 or ‘05 they switched churches and soon after we did, too. Since then, we’ve seen each other a couple times. I don’t think I ever told him what I thought about him. Great times… :)

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My first was a movie actor. Later, I developed a crush on my cousins boyfriend, after they broke up, and that lasted several years, one sided.

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@YARNLADY Okay…‘fess up. Who was the movie actor?

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^ Good choice. Woof!

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A girl in my first grade class. Didn’t last long, since she was kind of a jerk.

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omg yes. he was a guy in my kindergarten class. he was a real mean jerk. dont judge me. i was three

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First grade. He picked me to do the Virgina Reel with him in music class. I thought he was so cute. He looked a little like ET.

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