Askville Frequently Asked Questions

So you are a new member and want to learn your way around Fluther? Well, no problem. First, if you haven’t already, check out these links:

Q. How do I leave a message or check if I have messages?

The fluther “inbox” system is called “comments”. In the top right hand corner (when you are signed in), click on “comments for you” to see all messages users have left for you. When you send someone a “private comment”, only they can see it (think “inbox”), when you “uncheck private comment”, anyone who visits that person’s profile can see your message (think “compliment”). To send someone a comment, go to their profile page (to know how, see below) and you will see a “leave a comment” text box that you can type in on their page.

Q. How do I add people to “your fluther”? What is “your fluther”?

“Your fluther” is like the “faves/friend’s system.” To add someone to your fluther, simply go to their profile page, and click on “add to your fluther” right next to their username. By adding someone to your fluther, you will be able to follow their activity (like faves).

Q. How do I search for people on Fluther?

You can search for anyone on Fluther if you know their username. Use the search box on the top right hand corner to type in the username and search for a person. For example, a search for “boxing” shows this:

Example of searching

Also, if you know someone’s username on fluther, you can go their profile straight. Just type in their username after So marissa’s profile page would be

Q. How do I know when there is new activity in a Q I answered?

Simple. Check the “Activity for you” in the top right user control panel. It’s right under “Comments for you”. When there’s a number next to activity for you, it means someone has said something on that thread since you last checked it. Also, if you want to find a recent Q you commented on, you can still click on “Activity for you” and see the Qs listed underneath (those are the ones you are following).

Example of dashboard

Q. How do I change my picture/avatar?

Click on “My account” in the top right user control panel. It’s right under “Activity for you”. Once you do that you can change your password/email/picture under Account settings and also do stuff with your profile under the Profile settings.

Q. How do I watch a Q without having to leave a comment on the thread?

Right under the Question, there is a “Follow this question” option. Click on it. Tadah.

Q. How do I link to a site on a thread?

Fluther uses Textile language for such things. If you check the markup section of the faq, it’s all explained already :)

Q. What is lurve?

It’s the Fluther equivalent of gold, but way cooler.

Q. Does it have any value?

Lurve does not have any commercial value. It just means that you are respected and thanked for your witty and informative Qs/As etc. Fluther has a strong sense of community, and we like the idea of helping people just for the sake of helping.

Q. Can I curse on Fluther? What’s the etiquette?

Cursing is allowed. But personal attacks aren’t. So you can say things like “I have so much fucking work to do today” but not stuff like “PnL, you are such a bitch.”

Q. How do I know if the Q I want to ask on Fluther has been asked previously?

Well first off, thank you for wanting to do that. Second, it’s the same way as searching for a username on Fluther. Use one of the 2 search boxes on the main page with main words from your Q and see what results come up. For example, if you want to ask something related to the Olympics, search “olympics” and check out the results before you post a duplicate Q.

Q. Where can I chat with fellow AV-ers?

We have a chatroom where you can chat with other users on the site.

Q. Well, does Fluther have it’s own chat room?

Yep it does. We cannot provide a public link to prevent trolling, but if you would like to check it out, PM me or any moderator and they will give you the link. The official fluther chat room is meant for flutherers wanting to talk about Qs on fluther or just socialize. AV related talk/drama/venting is not allowed.

Q. Why Fluther?

Real time answers, 24/7 moderators, easy to reach founders, community, the real Q is why not?

Q. What do I do if I have a Q that isn’t answered here?

Psh. That’s impossible. This FAQ is perfect. But if SOMEHOW you are not convinced, here’s what you need to do depending on what your Q is. If you have a Q about how to do something on the site, PM me or any of the site moderators. If you have general feedback/suggestions to improve the site, use the contact link. Thanks, and enjoy Fluthering!

- PnL