Federated Fluther: Q & A Platform

What is Federated Fluther?

Federated Fluther is a question and answer platform you can use on your website. It's the simplest way for you to harness the power of Q & A: engaging your community, generating content, and driving traffic to your site.

Increase your SEO and traffic

Every question asked through your community creates a unique page, driving traffic to your website through organic search. The more active your community, the more traffic you get.

Engage your users

Q & A provides a natural, addicting way for your users to interact with each other and spend more time on your site while creating valuable content.

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Totally integrated with your site

The Federated Fluther client is integrated with your website, and is exceptionally easy to install — just drop in a few lines of code on your server. You have control over your header, sidebar, or any other HTML on the page.

Works with your user accounts

Because the Federated Fluther client works directly with your user accounts, there’s no real hurdle for a user on your website to get started with Q & A.

Instant community

Because questions asked through Federated Fluther on your website are syndicated back to Fluther.com, users asking questions through your website will almost always get an answer to their questions.

You have control over content

With our top-notch moderation tools, you have complete control over all the content shown through your site. If you ever decide to move away from Federated Fluther, we can export your data so you can take it elsewhere.

Easier than building it yourself

You can be up and running in a day — compared to spending months developing something in-house. Focus on what you do best, and let us provide you the best Q & A platform available.

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