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Wow, now Im just some dude.. with some blurb…. By some other dude..

Who would see a replica of man’s social structure has only to examine the abundant and various life of the tide pools, where miniature communal societies wage dubious battle against equally potent societies in which the individual is paramount, with trends shifting, maturing, or dying out, with all the organisms balanced against the limitations of the dead kingdom of rocks and currents and temperatures and dissolved gases. A study of animal communities has this advantage: they are merely what they are, for anyone to see who will and can look clearly; they cannot complicate the picture by worded idealisms, by saying one thing and being another; here the struggle is unmasked and the beauty is unmasked.

Ed Ricketts

Im a big fan of:

Stuff, I find stuff fascinating.

Cute girls.

Food, I love to cook.





The world we live in.

Beer and cigarettes.


Sustainable systems for better living.

Music, Metal, Hip hop, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Electronic, classical, you name it… Blues.. DnB..


Useful technology.

Good Conspiracy theories.

Cheese… mmm..

Not necessarily in that order!

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