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This seems to be the only place that knows me better than everyone around me… No need for a mask, or secret identity. It is the one place I can truely express me, kind of depressing really.

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JasonH's avatar JasonH said

well my jetta transmisson went out so i made the dealership take it back cause they really REALLY ripped me off so i got a great deal on this car its amazing its clean i take care of it…only mod’s i have done to it is an CAI/SAR, as it sounds cool and gave me an extra 2mpg & 6HP Dyno. i know i need to make sure maintenance like oil change is done every 3k front end is all right i bought it at 36k miles it was a Lease to a company called: Kraft Foods inc. it now has 39k no probs….alignment is off a slight but no biggie….knock on wood the front end stays well and what not as this is now my second car in 6 months first time owning a car i do race a little but i keep my rpms at a moderate Atitude. lol i know Dodge is a POS for sure like the trucks in what not. i really like the 300’s or the SRT’s my Fav is the Crossfire and Pacifica and the Aspin. :)

October 25th, 2008

JasonH's avatar JasonH said

after further expection i found out my transmisson was going out in my jetta the dealership bought it back from me n i now own a 06 chrysler sebring touring o i love it! miss my baby jetta tho…o well…thanks tho fur all ur help bro when i needed it.:)

October 5th, 2008

JasonH's avatar JasonH said

i have a question i hopefuly need answerd in the next 24hours, ok so my fog light’s dont work iv decided to hard wire them to my running light’s /blinker light’s. my question is: there is three wire’s witch wire on the running light’s blinks? cause i dont want my fog light’s blinking witch way i turn that be a laphing joke haha….burn em out too eh. i think one is red yellow and blue? is it the yellow one that flashes?......i just gotta make sure i run one wire to the body / fram ground so i dont burn nothing on fire, or i suppse run one to the three wire’s for examp: fog light wire: 2 = red splice it hook it to red wire on running light then the yellow fog light wire to the yellow running light, right? i now have a three way switch replaced it from the junk yard mine orriganly only allowed me to turn on the marker light’s aka running lgiths. now i can turn off day time light’s run the marker lights also switch it 3 times and i have both marker and headlights on, but i want the fog lights just running without the headlight’s so ill do it that way also change the fuse from the marker/flashing light’s from 15amp to a 30 amp. voula easy way to fix my light i figured out the whole BOV and air intake setups all good.

July 19th, 2008

JasonH's avatar JasonH said

Logon failed: Invalid logon name. lol so i tried differnt ways with caps and still no luck :( dude u seem awesome & know a lil more bout auto’s than me, hit me up on my email: it would be much easyr, lately iv been looking into a Greddy B.O.V, i know i have have to turbo but will it mess up my car w/o tubo i just lve the WISTLE sound,, haha plus people look when they hear that shit too….anyways im gunna install it anyways now where would it go on my car? haha next to the Air intake in the bank of the engin, also whats ur opinoun on Spektra air intake cone filter’s .VS. fujita air intake….spectra only costed me 25 bucks but its not filtering shit haha so i guess a lil more well spent money on quility parts well do me better? iv noticed since iv installed the cheap air filter my MPG has dropped about 7 gallons, i had it DYNO’d with stock air box and aftermarkit air filter, my friend who did the dyno said if i want better mpg dont by cheap parts go with fujita.. thanks dude ur awesome. Fukengruvan!

July 14th, 2008

JasonH's avatar JasonH said

ok i tried logn iin it didnt work but thanks i have a Question since u know VW’s, i have a 98 GRX VR6 i would like to install a Greddy BOV #1 it sounds Awesome #2 do i have to have turbo upgrade kit to use the BOV? i mean is it going to kill my Motor? hurt it, or such.

July 12th, 2008