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I am a 24 yr old young lady from Minnesota. Born and raised in the north and migrated to the big city and back again——I am a realist at heart but wear my heart on my sleeve. I allow myself to step in both shoes to see the sides of interest, doubt, discussion and questions.

I am relatively artistic from photography, graphics, graffiti, tattoos, painting, drawing and clothing design. I am highly intelligent yet refuse to attend college. I have a huge heart that is sheltered by an abrassive-out going-straight forward personality but I am very empathetic and break easily.

Recently, I under went a HUGE life change with many battles between the heart and mind, followed the roller coaster straight to the top just to watch it crash in a firey blaze on it’s way down. But I am optomistic…Even when I feel the world has swollowed me whole and spit out my heart, just to be stomped on and set on fire in the burning rings of Dante’s inferno.

But I do know everything happens and everytime we go through tragedy we survive and make it through another—we learn from ourselves. We grow from ourselves and we teach ourselves things we never thought we would need to know.

The power of positivity forces us to view on a higher level and accept the negatives as new doorways to enter.

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