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johnpowell's avatar johnpowell said

Not sure if you are into watching the news. For some odd reason the last few weeks have seen a uptick in torrents being released for nightly news programs. No promise that will be consistent or timely. But it is there if it is your thing. I have programmed things to automatically grab shows as they are released.


Retention will be low. I will have them deleted them after a few days.

May 28th, 2016

Tropical_Willie's avatar Tropical_Willie said

Regarding your answer:
Thanx Buttonsc


November 2nd, 2015

RikhardRavindraTanskanen's avatar RikhardRavindraTanskanen said

Regarding your answer: Thank you sir.

I understand, and I know that “Lord of the Flies” is just a fiction novel, and I am grateful. But you don’t understand. I watched clips from the film on the Internet like I said, and they weren’t the same clips. They were just re-enactments of the scenes from the novel. It was from a documentary about “Lord of the Flies” or about William Golding, as evidenced by the narrator (who was an adult male with an English accent) and the fact that at the end there was the man who was commenting on the “children killing children”.

He must have been talking about how controversial it must have been at the time it was published. I know, according to two of the documentaries I watched (most of them were short, including these two) that the original film was shot in a documentary style, much to the liking of the critics, but it wasn’t what I saw.

As a note, I haven’t read the book or watched the films, although I intend to one day. (I didn’t read the book because in the school district where I went people only read it in Grade 10 Academic English, and not in Grade 10 Applied English, where I was – I read “Of Mice and Men” instead, which was a pretty good book.)

Oh, sorry about the mistake I made. After reading your answer I tried to thank you. But I accidentally ended up writing my answer myself! Can you believe that? How stupid of me! Fortunately, I am now sending my thank-you to you like I should have, instead of accidentally answering my own question. I feel like an idiot. May you forgive me, please? It won’t happen again, I promise you that.

September 22nd, 2015

RikhardRavindraTanskanen's avatar RikhardRavindraTanskanen said

Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I had forgotten that you were the other answerer! How stupid of me. This happens a lot.

Do you know that, when my I.Q was tested, it was shown that my short-term memory is worse than an infant? To put this in perspective…cats and monkeys have an equal short-term memory, according to Wikipedia although I didn’t read the link…and they, I presume, have a better memory than infants. In other words, monkeys and cats have better memories than me. My four past pets cats all had better memories than me. When I mentioned this to my elder sister and mother, they understandably laughed at me.

Also, I was too lazy to read your earlier comment again. I had the feeling I would regret it, but I brushed it aside. But that feeling was right. Again, sorry about that.

September 8th, 2015

RikhardRavindraTanskanen's avatar RikhardRavindraTanskanen said

Regarding your answer: Thank you, but as I said before to the previous answerer (I am sorry if I sound rude, I didn’t mean to), it was not The Powerpuff Girls, which was a show I watched and liked as a child.

September 6th, 2015