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Hi, I’m Call_Me_Jay.

I’ve been around here since 2009, my previous user name was jaytkay.

Also you probably remember me from TV. I was on the Bozo Show with my Cub Scout troop. I was the white kid wearing glasses and I won a basketball in Bucket Bonanza.

I have traveled to Canada and been slapped by Madonna’s sister. My mother says I am handsome.

I have touched two American presidents. They did not grab my pussy. I don’t have a pussy, but regardless, things were different then.

I donated a kidney. Afterwards I did not awaken in a bathtub full of ice in a dirty motel. Dammit. I could dine out for a lifetime with that story.

YOU can give up a kidney. It’s free. DO IT!

It’s not difficult. You get to loll around in bed for a few days on REALLY good drugs. I’m talking morphine kinda drugs. Oh hell yeah. And people think you’re a hero. Sweet!

There is no need for a “match”. You sign up with the National Kidney Registry and they will find a home for your kidney.

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Congrats on reaching 5k!

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Regarding your answer:

November 7th, 2016