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icy's avatar icy said

love the kitty !

December 13th, 2009

NUNYA's avatar NUNYA said

YOU BETCHA CHOOKY!!!! Glad to see you!!!! There are many of us on here and everyone is “learning the ropes”. So ask away. Most of us started yesterday and so we have a bit of a “heads up” on some of the stuff. These Fluthers have been super to us! They welcomed us with open arms. There is a LIVE CHAT at the top of this page and they did it for us! WOW! What has AB done for us? ABers flooded the site yesterday and to keep us under control, lol so to speak, they did that. It is great! Also when you wanna chat just click on the avatar of the person and leave a message as you did with me.
Friends don’t have to accept the invite. So go to my profile or someone elses and click away. At anyone you’d like to be friends with. (((HUGS)))

December 12th, 2009