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(As of late December 2009)

(1) Currently Fluther and Wikipedia Reference Desk are the best answer sites I know of.

(2) When AB fixes it’s glitches it will again be the best (at least in general).

(3) AB might even be +60% it once was.

(4) I will likely spend less than ½ the time on all answer sites in 2010 as I have in 2009.

(5) My 3rd, and latest, question on Fluther was removed:
”“Eight days left and I’m still uncomfortable calling them the “ohs”, “aughts” or “noughties. How about you?”

Here’s were to go the image for my avatar. I got the name “Civic Cat” by John Moore,(broadcaster) one of the (few liberal and intelligent) talk show hosts on CFRB(AM) The radio station referred to the SARS
crises and how it was spread by things such as (some) Chinese eating civet cats. He quipped, “I thought it was spelled ’‘civic’’, as it voted in municipal elections.”

I got a bit of a laugh out of it. So when I was trying to think of a username, I figured I’d use that.

I then did a Google search for images, and the best one was, erroneously, a bearcat, which I saw on a TV variety show (it might have been Letterman) years ago. I also heard the song “Bear Cat” a few times by David Wilcox,(Canadian_musician) and hence I choose the image.

I have accounts here and in Yahoo! Answers—here’s my account over there.

I’m on a few other sites, each representing a graduation of sorts:
I was on Yahoo! Answers previous to my current account. The first Civic Cat was suspended with questions like this:
“Oh Deah me, I got 12 violations cited in 24 hours. What lessons are in this for me?” I then created a second Civic Cat account, which is active, but now barely so.

Though I’m not Persian, I meet a number on YA and thus joined Persianscafe (“Look what brought in the (Civic) Cat!!”).

I recently got an account in Wikipedia, which is kind of expected given the many links I placed there;
and since I’ve done the same a bit with RationalWiki.

Here’s my Wikipedia account and my RationalWiki account .


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Vunessuh's avatar Vunessuh said

Your question was hilarious!
Shit got mod’d within seconds.
Might be a new record….

December 30th, 2009

Schonberg's avatar Schonberg said

Then the answer is in your hands.

December 30th, 2009