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A day in the life… sort of

A long, long time ago (last Tuesday) in a land far, far away (actually about a 10 minute walk) there was a knight who happened upon a huge castle. (Actually, our library is pretty small.) It seemed fateful that on this very day there was a maiden (rather plain looking older lady working at the library) trapped inside suffering great peril! Just than a handsome knight arrived (that part’s true) and inquired of the maiden what was troubling her. (I asked the old lady why she looked confused.) The maiden spoke of an evil force blocking her way to freedom (the computer was down) and asked the handsome noble knight for assistance. (She said, “what you think it is?”)

Filled with fury and a keen sense of adventure the knight charged through the huge labyrinth and came across the beast and did slay it with a mighty blow! (I turned the computer off than restarted it.) The maiden was overcome with joy! (She cursed under her breath.) The knight than turned and went about his heroic business. (I went to check my e-mail.) In the hamlet below that mighty castle there are stories of the brave knight and his heroism to this very day! (She left a note for the next shift.)

Trudging on for days through an immense forrest (I walked down the road for a minute or two) the knight came upon his greatest foe yet! (There was some ice on the road.) After a fierce battle he escaped the wrathful grip of his foe (I walked around it) just in time as the earth itself, protesting such evil swallowed up the foul beast forever! (A salt truck came by…)

Continuing on his heroic journey, after many more weeks of wandering the wilderness, our hero the great knight had finally arrived at his destination! (About a 5 or 10 minute walk to the post office) His package for the king was of paramount importance (I was sending off a resume) and haste in his travels quickened as he saw the citadel up ahead. (I sauntered towards the door) The king was thrilled to finally receive his important documents of crucial state matters (the postal worker looked annoyed when I handed him nickels) and declared the knight a national hero! With great pomp and celebration the knight left the dwelling of the king feeling a sense of great pride! (The door clipped my shin on the way out.)

After all his adventures the night finally decided to retire to his modest castle on the mountain top as there was no more peril distressing the nobles and maidens of this great land. (I started home as there is really nothing to do in this town.) Even in this last journey there was adventure as he yielded passage of a great heard of buffalo (stoplight) and crossed a mighty river (bridge over the stream). At last he climbed the mountain where his home stood and entered in triumph! (I walked up the hill and let the dog out.)


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ETpro's avatar ETpro said

Understood. I like the guy, but he annoyed me too in that one. And you are so correct, we need liberal and conservative ideas bouncing off each other. The right path is usually somewhere just preserving what we’ve always had, and reaching for new an untested heights.

September 1st, 2013