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I was born on Saturn’s moon Titan on Halloween, and was cursed with the mutant ‘Deviant’ gene. Bullied as a child for my odd appearance, scientific aptitude, and social awkwardness, I eventually destroyed my home civilization in revenge, and proceeded to make my way through the universe, accumulating ever more knowledge and power. During my rise, I encountered and fell in love with an entity named Mistress Death, the female form of the Grim Reaper, and eventually, after destroying (or trying to destroy) the whole universe several times in her service (and, not incidentally, saving it more than once as well), I was finally accepted by her as her consort, and was seated beside her Ebon Throne in her Dark Castle in the Nether Beyond. In due course, we spawned a child-entity together, one who I believe is destined to someday have dominion over not just this universe, but the entire Metaverse of all possible universes. But then, quite shockingly, as soon as the blood-ink had dried on our newborn’s birth certificate, and for reasons unfathomable to me, my dark Mistress suddenly spurned and betrayed me, exiling me from her realm, and relegating me to having only alternate-weekends visitation with our son in a cosmic backwater (here on Earth), accompanied by a devastated mental state, mired in spiraling hopelessness and despair. Nine years hence, and I have finally come to understand and accept these painful life lessons, and have now regained sufficient equanimity and composure to consider starting a new career – this time trying to make the world a better place, rather than seeking to destroy it – and perhaps, once again spawning a new child-entity, so that I may more fully experience the fulfillment of fatherhood, if and when I can find a new suitable baby-mama being to couple with.

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