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Let’s see….Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…no, that’s not it.

Journalism major who quit when the hope of finding a job was dead in the water, and the advisor from college quit then disappeared without notice…still thinks about that one from time to time.

Freelance Writer when the inspiration hits. Editor that does a lot of pro bono work.

Dabbler in Graphic Design.

Lover of photography and the occasional lucky shot.

Gemstone Jewelry Artisan that never sells her work because she doesn’t put in the effort.

Costumer and seamstress; specializing in embellishments and French Hand Sewing, but not as snobby as most of them.

A great cook…cooks everything with wine…Even breakfast!

Former wife to both a minister and a therapist…neither one did her much good.

Mother of five children who then cut bait and ran with their father and he pays better dividends than—he has a new wife he likes better…and he can have her!

Animal lover and owner (at one time or another) to parrots, parakeets, a pot-bellied pig, dogs, cats, one ferret, tropical fish, two Siamese Fighting Fish in separate bowls, hamsters, mice, frogs, horses…I am sure I have forgotten something.

Hopeless Romantic who still believes in love, which is redundant, I suppose.

Opinionated, sensitive, kind, warm, passionate, single, and still looking for Mr. Right….I thought I had found him, but he has disappeared, so I have no closure.

Training to become state-certified caregiver specializing in PSS and CRMA.

Drop me a line sometime…I’d love to hear from you.

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