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I’m fascinated by politics and what will make society work for as many of us as possible. I’m liberal on issues of equality and investing in our future, libertarian on social issues, and that makes me conservative by the dictionary definition of the word—hard to label and not all that fond of labeling anyway. I’m sure some think I’m a shill for the Democratic Party, but that’s far from the case. I know most of the Dems are bought by lobbying money. It’s just that most Democrats as a little less repugnant than the sort of Republicans that make a habit of using the talking point insult, “democRAT [sic] party”. That type, I call RepugniCons, a group who are most clearly a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street and global corporatists like the Koch Brothers and the Waltons, although must are dupes who aren’t aware they are cutting off their own nose to spite their face.

I love cats, but my dear Spoony THE Cat recently breathed her last and is not at rest. It’s way too soon to welcome another feline into the house.

I love classical music and good music of all kinds, reading and writing, all of science with a particular emphasis on cosmology, quantum physics, and how the human mind works—what allows sentience and the sense of “I“ness.

My next book will be about cults and the personality types that found them. If you have any reading recommendations on that branch of psychology—particularly the childhood phase of such a sociopath’s formation, I would be most grateful if you would share them with me.

My “avatar” is a picture of me at the deployment ceremony for my younger son. That was 2011 and he was on his way to Kabul. His unit is now back from Afghanistan, and I can again sleep at night.

I’m a refugee of the Great Answerbag makeover of 2009. Was Jim in a Nautilus COAT on AB. Before that, I was on Propeller till AOL bought and killed it, as they are so skilled at doing with Internet properties. Before that I tried Yahoo! Answers. As a Yahoo! Small Business Partner building Yahoo! Stores among my Web development tasks, I’d better say nothing more about that experience. And even before that, I was on Google Answers till they shut it down. You might sense a pattern here. Am I toxic to all Social Q&A Sites? We’ll know when they start paying me NOT to use their service.

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Magical_Muggle's avatar Magical_Muggle said

Thanks I told my puppy and he just looked at me with big puppy eyes, he recently got his schnauzer cut and looks nothing like the picture but still as cute as ever

November 22nd, 2013

zander101's avatar zander101 said

Regarding your answer:

Thanks, you have my respect.

September 18th, 2013

drhat77's avatar drhat77 said

I regret posting in your “nothing” question. In restrospect maybe it should have stayed blank.

September 8th, 2013

hogbuttons's avatar hogbuttons said

I was never really debating whether they were theories or postulates. I was just referencing it based upon what it is called, its name; a pronoun. It isnt as if youre going to get an evidence based answer regardless, and it isnt as if Im going to to refer to them as “M-Postulate or “String Postulates” because that isnt what they are called, and people usually refer to things by name.
Also, while it may be possible that lions and chimps kill for pleasure, there is no actual evidence to suggest they actually do. It could be possible they kill in the hopes of gathering souls to resurrect Iaego-Yunom, their dead god, but again, we dont have any evidence of that. As far as we have evidence of, we are the only known beings in the universe that kill for the pleasure of killing.

September 1st, 2013

discassy's avatar discassy said

Thanks! Your answer is helpful to me.

April 25th, 2013