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I believe everything and nothing.
(yes, that’s right… Schrödinger’s cat.)

The purpose of my life is to experience all I can while I’m here; the best good and the worst bad that I can handle, without going insane.

Those who lack the sheer skill and/or determination to become truly great at one thing can still achieve greatness through diversity. Hence, I’m not really good at any one thing, but I’m pretty good at a lot of things.

I would rather blunder dangerously through the discovery of a well known fact, 1st hand, than memorize something someone smarter than me came up with a long time ago. With the surplus of information as it is, the essence of 1st hand discovery is an experience most will never grasp. At least once, if only once, avoid the genius of others in pursuit of your own.

Those who have never failed are unfit to lead.

I maintain that there’s probably no god. But anyone who says, with absolute conviction, that “there IS” or “there ISN’T” IS narrow minded. In that scenario, both sides have assumed too much on preference, and disregarded possibility. No one really knows one way or the other, and both statements are equivalent leaps of faith.

The truth is only something you’re sure of.

When questioning death it’s important to note that you, at one point, have not been alive.

My most definitive remark of the universe to date, is that it’s a place where things exist.

“How strange it is to be anything at all.”

“Responsibility” and “response ability” are two very different things.

If you do things slow, then you’ll never finish with enough time to do anything else.
If you go too fast you’ll miss what you just did.
Isaac Newton died a virgin.

The lesson is to be happy. Not to search for happiness.

Music is the soundtrack to my imagination.

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