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Another American Icon: unplugged. Savoring the souvenirs lingering about this room from the days of glory… Ah yes, I know, that was many years ago…

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hearkat's avatar hearkat said

I came to your profile wondering about you, as you are missed…
After reading Gary’s comment from a couple months ago, I can only say that I second the sentiment.
I hope that you are well, and that you are somewhere surrounded by love through this Holiday season.

December 24th, 2009

whatthefluther's avatar whatthefluther said

Like a shooting star he burst upon the scene.
Shining brightly he shared the ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses of a well-travelled, at times turbulent life.
A directional beacon, not in professing a path, but in inspiring thought and expression of feelings.
He exposed the very essence of his being while maintaining guard of his identity.
Because when it came down to it, the latter probably held little significance to truly understanding the crux of most of his journey.
He sought no acknowledgement of his success or fame,
And rather sought to open our eyes, hearts and minds to explore our feelings,
And bask in the warmth of sharing the stories that make each of us unique and who we are.
And by sharing we know we are not alone in this crazy world,
And that love and kindness and caring can see us through on our own journeys.
But then he seemingly vanished as if his work here was complete.
He made a huge impact and touched many lives and I hope he gained much and got what he sought.
And if it be so, I wish him continued success.
But I sense a void and feel this shooting star distinguished itself then extinguished itself much too soon.
And I believe I am not alone in that feeling.

Then again, maybe the guy’s just busy at the moment.

Hope to see you back soon, FB. See ya….Gary/wtf

October 1st, 2009

atlantis's avatar atlantis said

Thank you so so SO much for that post on self-inquiry. I can’t believe I found you ;)

August 30th, 2009

sdeutsch's avatar sdeutsch said

Welcome to Fluther! I’m always happy to share fondue memories… =) If you’re ever in need of a tasty fondue recipe, let me know – I’m happy to share that too!

August 23rd, 2009

SeventhSense's avatar SeventhSense said

Thanks and welcome to the collective. It’s a wild and wacky ride but always fun.
Hang on to your hat!

August 11th, 2009