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Mental Note: I would have left my profile empty but was inspired by this

In sporadic thoughts, here goes…(inhale)

female, married, has 1 son (trying to get pregnant again), English isn’t my first language (so pls bear w/ me when I’m not able to express myself fluently/articulately, but I try)

I love tattoos, anyone else’s or my own.

I consider it a good day when I manage to avoid paper cuts & static shocks.

I like Harley-Davidson motorcycles & drum sets.

Few things bother me.

Easily amused.

I’m not too fond of venturing out in open water.

Generally, I feel I’m all about playfulness, irony, laughter, being a good mother, strong hugs, trying to transition into becoming a better daughter/sister, firm handshakes, the opportunity in flaw, the impact of kindness from strangers, faith in all those times when God knew NOT to answer my prayers…blah, blah, blah.(exhale)

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derekpaperscissors's avatar derekpaperscissors said

Thanks :) wondering what your tats look like, i like them too.

July 31st, 2009

cookieman's avatar cookieman said

You are a great addition to Fluther. Just wanted to let you know.

July 22nd, 2009