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partyparty's avatar partyparty said

Regarding your answer:
Great answer Only Haroot. I agree entirely

December 27th, 2009

sfj's avatar sfj said

Regarding your answer:
Thank you for your post. I too did things similar to what you did but it did nothing but flame the fire. It made me feel better for awhile but like I said, the results weren’t good enough. The relative is one of my sisters. She runs a business from her home and has her ads on hundreds if not thousands of websites and one cannot type in a certain word without seeing her there. She even had the audacity to create a Twitwall account and blogger account using my own business name but she only changed the name by one letter.
The ‘war’ between us has really always been there since we were kids and when I bought a computer (she had one before me), the war just got worse.
I would love to hack into her accounts and email address but instead, I used my router to block everything that has her name on it so I’m no longer tempted to flame her. My sister’s crap isn’t ever going to stop and I know it.
My concern is that I am our mother’s caretaker (she has Alzheimer’s) and my sister constantly calls the department of children and families filing false reports about me. Of course when this happens, an agent has to come out and investigate which is not a problem for me because I have nothing to hide and I don’t do anything inappropriate. I’m just tired of this crap.
My sister, in her insane mind believes that our mom has a bank account full of money. She doesn’t. Our mom still owns her own home and property even though she lives with me in my home. My sister and brother want the house and because I have Durable Power of Attorney and I am my mom’s beneficiary, my siblings are furious because I refuse to allow the house to be sold and I refuse to allow my brother to move into the house.
I just want my sister to leave me and my family alone but to do that I will have to get a restraining order against her here in my county and go to HER county and obtain one there. Going there is not an option. She lives up North and I don’t.
I’ve tried to get an attorney but everyone wants a consultation fee to “see” if they can help. I don’t have a disposable income for this nonsense.
The stress from all of this is wearing on me but oddly enough, since I blocked myself from the sites my sister visits, it feels like she somehow disappeared even though I know she hasn’t. I got into a really bad habit of searching for her crap online just to see what garbage she had posted about me. Now I can’t do it so I’m hoping the authorities can put a stop to her ever considering showing up in front of my house.
It’s pretty sad that I had to close all of my online accounts, make a fake name, make my photos private, delete email addresses, make new ones, change my phone number three times and my sister continues to blatantly smear me all over the place with no consequences at all. Where is the justice?

December 27th, 2009