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My name is Jason Brett and I Love you. Yes, especially because I don’t know you! I can say this in confidence because we are all one. But do not mistake my Loving ways.

***If I do not care for your approach, you will hear about it. Rest assured, I wont hold back :D

I help leaders, healers, and activists act and operate their businesses more holistically. Because we can all have a greater, positive impact. I help because I have the experience, skill and resources needed to be great. To build a legacy.

My story starts out probably boring and similar to most in my generation. I was born in North County San Diego and I was raised Christian. My family was trained by Jesus himself to become the most passive-aggressive family unit on the block. Our thirst for becoming more Christ-like was only matched by our ‘healthy’ eating practices. We ate packaged dead food from the supermarket (along with tons of fast food).

Other then childhood dreams of wanting to become a paleontologist (which looking back was because I Loved playing in the dirt and that I had no clue what the F*** I wanted to do with my life) I was always fascinated by people, fortunately for me I was given a great gift from my father… the gift of Gab! Which I would later apply to a powerful yet short career in phone sales.

Growing up I always got in trouble for testing systems. I learned early on that most systems relied on people working them. And shortly after that, I came to know that people are fallible.

After looking into the mentors around me who had the lifestyle I wanted. I got sold the dream of being my own boss, of entreprenuer at an early age. Business, starting out, was though. So naturally I got really good at being the ‘failing forward’ business man.

Some time later I got introduced to a powerful tool called NLP. Created HUGE breakthroughs in my communication and claimed that part of myself which always lay dormant. I steped into my roll as an influencer & master communicator.

Which obviously leads to one of the greatest all time highs… Marketing. All during this exploration I discovered energy healing and made massive shifts. Realizing that the keys to more peace, healing, and deeper meaning can be found in the most subtle of things.

I have now mastered my craft. Launched a successful marketing strategy consultancy firm and one of the fastest growing communities of holistic leaders. I am living my purpose, by being a teacher/coach/healer to the leaders. I am at cause, and I’m here to serve.

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