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I think it’s hard to tell a “story” about yourself unless you know your audience. I’ll approach this as if all of you are my age and know me like the back of your hand.
I’m Izzy. I go by Isabelle, but it’s very rare that I hear that. I’m a current senior, looking into life’s choices as they come by way.
An interesting fact about me is that I was previously a resident of Tokyo, until I relocated to the United States. I’m definitely not your average gal. I don’t mean to say that in a deeming way to others, but I try and live against the norm. I like crazy and odd—it makes life more exciting.
I’m an active volunteer and have had the privilege to open several volunteering programs through my school. This is all thanks to Giving Point.
Lastly, I’ll make a short life for anyone reading, in case you’re interested.
1. I have an unhealthy love for panda bears.
2. My Twitter can be my best friend on weekends. (@turningpathways)
3. My current interest is in health journalism.
4. I think the smell of rain is refreshing.
5. Coldplay will forever be on my iTunes list. The songs from the 80s are soon to follow.
6. Blogging is a hobby of mine. I generally ponder about the actions of humans and that’s my focus of blogging. I won’t advertise my blog though… That’s too much advertising for a description of myself. I blog on Tumblr at http://theanswerisu.tumblr.com. So I basically just lied to you.
7. I do not tan. Therefore, the summer time is rather painful on my skin.
8. I am an active journalist for a few publications in my area. If you need something written, I’d love to hear about it!
9. As far as we’re concerned, my dogs are adorable. If it were legal, I’d probably take him on a honeymoon.
10. Lastly, (and I’ll wrap this up), I love learning new words. Please, drop by and leave a word and definition.

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