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mazingerz88's avatar mazingerz88 said

To expose the absurdities and inefficiencies of these politicians is like the “sheep” doing the herding for a change. lol

I just don’t think my heart could take a few more years of this political BS in the US.

1 month ago

michelle15650's avatar michelle15650 said

Regarding your answer:

The point I was trying to convey is that she insists she host whatever holiday she wants. I had planned to host when my son went away to college. All kid want to come home for the holiday, to have the comforts of “their home, food, etc”.

I understand she is older, aging, etc. but I missed out on hosting when my boys were young due to her needs, and now that she might not be around much longer, I miss out again.

The bright side, is I’m learning first hand what “type of in-law NOT to be”.

November 29th, 2016

peeterpatter's avatar peeterpatter said

Regarding your answer:

February 17th, 2016

talljasperman's avatar talljasperman said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks in being tested for Marfan syndrome.

October 16th, 2015

chelle21689's avatar chelle21689 said

Eh, so I don’t know if you knew but I stay at his place most days than my parent’s. He lives in the house with his two sisters and one of the sister’s boyfriend. When the mom got married and moved out, originally the place was supposed to belong to him because it was just us two for a while but the. His sisters moved back after previous relationship issues which was to be temporary but kind of seemed like forever with no plans so I guess the title never went to his name.

Anyways, that many adults in the house as you can imagine could be a bit hard with personality clashes and differences. My bf and I seriously felt like we were looking after kids even though he’s the youngest. We would always remind them to lock he doors, turn off the light, I have washed their dishes that sat for days and we dried and put them away when no one else would, take trash out, pull trash bin back after trash day, clean bathroom, clean out fridge, etc. we experimented and waited to see how long it would take for his oldest sis to clean her pot of food which sat for 4 days and molded.

All of this which why it came as a big huge shocker when they called a house meeting and told me and my bf we don’t do enough and don’t clean. We were in such shock and defended ourselves…just because they aren’t home to see it or I don’t announce it to the world doesn’t mean we don’t clean. My bf and I was so confused… Then they just brushed over what we said and said we need to help by toilet paper and paper towels. I do help buy when I notice it’s low but I haven’t recently because I always see it full. How are we to know its low if we always see a stack of tissues?
We said to compromise just let us know or we make a list to add of things running out and they didn’t want to compromise and said we should just know….so basically they think my bf and I should be psychic. They said they didn’t want to make us feel like we needed to move out…I was so angry and I cried after… Needless to say we searched apartments next day and are planning to move out in Spring. I also decided to stay away from hem and stay more at home to save money…im hoping to find a permanent job rather than this temp job of one year stringing me along….

Anyways hat all happened three weeks ago. Yesterday his mom called us to dinner to talk about the same crap and of course for some reason she took the sisters side. We them told her we were moving out soon and she didn’t like that and felt we should save money and learn to be one big happy family lol. But we still have our heart set on moving out…...it’s just time. It’s funny because she kept saying I was family and stuff… Now I’m family now that she wants me to pay rent and crap. I understand the rent part but I’m not paying money to be in a situation I don’t wanna be in. My bf defended me and said I do a lot but they don’t see that… What else more can we do to make this better, ya know? Also they don’t want to compromise.

So yeah that’s my story, you can see my old posts. Sorry if it was long. I’m just happy my bf is finally looking at apartments with me…and not want to stay in the family house forever out of convenience.

October 8th, 2015