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Sometimes crazy, rarely serious, often disorganized, but mostly harmless. Female, straight out of my 20’s, single but not looking, loooong hair – bigger than my brain, tall, love nature & music, HATE politics, and appreciate humor. I’m here for entertainment and maybe some useful information. I’m usually frank and honest about sexuality, but really not interested in teasing, hookups or affairs.

I’m a certified member of the gig labor force : Partime real estate agent, hair model for hire, occaisonal paralegal, on-call bartender, with a secret life as…well, its a secret. Overeducated and underpaid, still waiting for my bus to the upper middle class.

My list of useless hobbies includes pick up basketball, trail running, primitive art, amatuer archaeology, target shooting, and binge shopping for vintage clothes at thrift stores. I try not to be boring or stupid, but I lapse occasionally. Just be nice, and so will I.

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Thank You!

March 15th, 2022

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December 27th, 2021

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I’ve replied to your answers to a thread, I admit, 1 month old. Please, reply to this. Thank you: https://www.fluther.com/224634/is-the-following-quote-from-sam-johnstone-1-misjudged/

February 3rd, 2021

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Regarding your answer:


January 20th, 2021