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I am simple yet complicated. I can be trusted, but I’ve yet to find someone I could trust! Ive noticed not everybody puts in the effort to be the best person they could be like the effort I put towards it. I do not enjoy being hated or having someone upset with me. I’ll put in work for forgiveness and acceptance, but I have learned I cannot please everyone in the entire world and I respect that. I love seeing smiles and I love seeing happiness. I give without seeking something in return. Actually I give to reassure people im here for you. I wish I had more close friends but the people who have seen my true colors know I have a unique personality that clicks with a small amount of people. I can get along and be happy with almost anyone, but my diversity scares some people away. I am currently gathering corners of squares to complete my circle. I believe this to be possible. There are those that need arcs, well I need corners. Much love family. Don’t be afraid to get to know me. You won’t regret it. :)

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