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I’m complicated. Take it or leave it.

“I am fire-if you want something salty and sweet, with no opinion, I am not the woman for you. I spit flames, often.” Janne Robinson

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Mastema2's avatar Mastema2 said

What girls will go crazy?

1 month ago

Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

I read somewhere that sulphur is good for relieving cramps, so another thumbs up for hot springs.
Why don’t you go to and look around. It is free to join. They provide a library for keeping things you like to read again.
Many selections are free.
There is a lot of erotica.
That is where I’m going to publish.
Authors can get feedback from readers through anonymous instant posts.

I have to join again probably. I forgot all my sign in stuff.

2 months ago

Mastema2's avatar Mastema2 said

Here’s an interesting fact about me that you may appreciate.

I can tie your wrists above your head with ribbon or rope in less than 3 seconds. In the heat of the moment you could be rendered helpless and in another world entirely before you know what’s happening.

2 months ago

Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

I laughed. At first I was just stunned seeing people being so overboard, but then I just started laughing. Each next thing they showed or said made me laugh again. People reporting were deer in the headlights.
“Is that it? Are there enough votes anywhere to change this? Well, I guess Trump did it then. I sure didn’t see that coming. Nobody did.”
Sometimes I play the DVD back do I can an relive it.
I keep getting flashbacks of the sixties, when comics kept inserting guys holding a sign that said the end is near.
So many grown adults behaving like eleven year olds.
Somebody who knows how should start a meme of someone who has personality disorder wearing a deplorables t shirt and a pussy hat.

3 months ago

Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

Holy cow! I would love for us both to achieve our goals.
I’ve had so many hold back issues. I was working on a piece over two decades ago, when the accident happened that took most of my memory and gave me a bum leg. I had this huge life change. I won’t chronicle that, because it isn’t a good read. I started writing again as soon as I was able to read,but at a fifth grade level.
Every time I think I have neared getting work submitted to a publisher, another set back. What I was working on when I was hit, ended up being finished and has a sequel, all in longhand. I shelves that project because during my recovery publishers went from paper copies to electronic submission, and typewriters became extinct overnight. Cell phones, flash drives, all kinds of stuff changed while I was trying to recover back to a productive level.
I WILL be published,but I’m hoping it won’t be too late to enjoy it.
Bi polar is very very difficult to have in one’s life, even when it is someone else. It can make the rest of the world seeem very far away. It is demanding and demeaning.
It takes a strong family unit to pull together and stay involved. I think you can bring your dream to reality though, especially since the age of electronic submission. I have found editors here who work for companies in New York and elsewhere.

I have those two books written I need to decide whether I should change the the tech or make them dated with the past,and make the unwritten third one current. Either way, all that typing of something on paper, omg! I’m writing a really fun one right now. It is a first person fiction about a group of young adults who quite shockingly become slung back to the Jurassic world. None of us are survivalists. We have less knowledge of living in the rough than a farming ten year old. We stumble our way through the first days on luck and hunger. The fascination of the totally foreign environment helps us reconcile our fate.
The fun is how I play with what we know about that part of earth’s history, and more with what we don’t know. The t rex gets an update. Bird transition from reptile is dramatised with some scary cousins of flight.
Plants are so different neither the nurse or the landscaper know enough to help much.
There is a critter everyone can find cute.
Humor helps the group to survive mentally.
They wrestle with knowing they are so cut off from humanity that even if they have kids and grandkids, the lineage would be cut off by total extinction before any real civilization could occur. They undergo a complete transformation of what seems important.

I’m working on some other prehistory pieces, some shorts about early Aboriginal people of the Americas. Lots of it was lost when my laptop touchscreen went apeshisk and the backspace stuck on high speed. I couldn’t stop it. All I could do was hammer the keys frantically as I watched my work shrink away until nothing was left but a blinking cursor. My rewrites are separated now. It is shelved temporarily so I can get over the heartache. But it was giving me other trouble too. I’m working with primitive humans who weren’t very verbal. Their thinking wasn’t very sophisticated either. It leaves me narrating lives which were primarily mundane, to cover a single event which would cause a turning point for their lives.
They shared this part of the world with mammoth, sabors, giant sloth, camels. Their direct descendants populated this land when whites came. The legends of those people were all but completely lost by because settlers wanted to civilize them.They were forbidden their own languages, and their culture. They had no written account of their history, most everything was lost.
My shorts are an effort to imagine what things may have been like.
The Earth Children series was fun to read, but attributing thousands of years of change and innovation to one woman is ludicrous. She attempted to portray ancient people with far too modern characteristics. Ancient people were too superstitious for behavior as she described.
Anyway, I have my own ideas of what life was like in the world without wheels.

Another project I have working involve more modern times, and yet that too involves a look back. It is about something old which becomes recovered in modern times and reveals a world we were unaware existed. That world knows about us, but had no interest in making contact. They live in a manner which is completely different from us. They view us basically as pretentious pigs, and badly evolved. Their world is awesome and would be great for a special effects crew.
All those I will e publish, but the Cinderella story I think I should go a different way, because it is a rewrite of a well known story.

Have you heard of Smashwords? It might be a good resource for a wannabe editor or agent. Writers post their own work and choose the price. Nobody is turned down,and they get about 90% off the sales.
Lots of work is posted without a price, so readers can see if they want to purchase the author’s other works. Most have a variety of mediums to source the selections. You can get most on a computer or smartphone.
It is free to join, both for readers and authors. You should check it out. That is where I plan to post, once I have a few different projects to post at once. There are hundreds of new selections each day, ranging in all manner of genres, techniques, and levels of talent. I think you would be a pig in mud if you check it out.
Who knows? Maybe a publisher would hire you to sort through the mountains of novels, and make recommendations.

Wow. Here just went from sun to get storm in two minutes. A monster t storm is moving across Iowa, and we just got it.

Now that this is book length, I will send it to you.

July 20th, 2019