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Gone to the beach. PM if you need to chat, I’ll check in. Peace!

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MrGrimm888's avatar MrGrimm888 said

Wanda is fine. I’m still just driving for Uber. It’s actually extremely hard to find a bartender job. Everyone wants a girl with big boobs, or a guy with years of experience. I am still looking, but it seems like I’ll have to start as a bar back, or cook, to just get an opportunity to be a bartender… I’m not pleased with that, as I feel overqualified…

There are tons of jobs available, but none of them pay well, and most are part time.

I get lots of people wanting me to be their head of security, and that really bums me out. I’m aware that I am one of the best, but I don’t want to do that work anymore. I just want to yell at people “you know, I wasn’t the best bouncer overnight. I learned. And I can learn to be one of the best bartenders, if given the chance.”

I’m honestly very frustrated, and depressed about the whole thing. It seems like I’ll have to start from the very bottom somewhere. I’ve done that multiple times in my life, and risen, but I’m sick of busting my ass, and getting nowhere…

I keep thinking about the girl that got me fired from the bartender job that would have changed my life. I really liked her… For two days, I thought I had the girl of my dreams, and the job of my dreams… I just can’t get over it… Although she turned out to be an awful person, I find myself heartbroken… I knew better than to get involved with her, and I would have still had that job if I didn’t. I just wanted to be happy. I’m very tired of coming so close to happiness, just to get it pulled from under me.
Happiness is like trying to hold a handful of water. No matter how I grip it, or how tightly I try to hold it, it just slips through my fingers… I feel like a failure, and hope is in short supply.

I won’t give up, and I will keep trying. That lottery would sure fix a lot of problems in my life. I have so little faith in my lick, that I won’t bother buying a ticket…

I hope you win it. It would be nice to know that good things still happen. I can’t think of the last time something good happenedfor me, or my friends/family… I’ve lost at least 3 dear friendsthis year, and my parents are both declining rapidly. My tuck is on it’s last legs, and even Wanda is looking really old…

Well…. Sorry for crying over spilled milk here. I guess I am just venting. Thanks for your concern.

Peace n love.


2 months ago

MrGrimm888's avatar MrGrimm888 said

I’m not sure what misunderstanding we have. I have not called you out specifically, for the comments of others.

I have attempted to get other jellies, to defend their new found courage, in regards to their sudden honesty about their racism.

That is all I have asked for.

For these jellies to legitimize their logic. NONE have done anything but be mad…. It seems pretty easy, to assume I am correct about conservatives being racist, when their defense is to try to silence criticism, rather than defend it.

I would be much happier, discussing this in front of everyone. Not in a PM. With all due respect.

August 21st, 2018

Aethelwine's avatar Aethelwine said

Regarding your answer:

Thank you for your response!

January 25th, 2018

cookieman's avatar cookieman said

Congrats on posting the three millionth quip!!

July 26th, 2014

KaY_Jelly's avatar KaY_Jelly said

Yeah that’s what I thought. I going to leave it for awhile, for all I know it’s a kid who doesn’t want to do the work to get better school grades. Lol

Right now I’m concentrating on debating logically of course with the atheists. Lol. It’s quite fun in all honesty. They don’t even understandcwhat I’m saying…literally April! They have no clue. It makes perfect sense. They just don’t want to or can’t admit it.
April I even gave them a scholarship written essay from the sccc that states they do actually believe in ‘something’ because it’s obvious they fight ‘it’ to every breadth and depth of their core being out here.

What that “something” is well they have no clue. So they say it’s the big bang and then tell me that my logic is flawed because I go with the first cause argument! The big bang is a theory for the first cause!
Ay, caramba lol!
They honestly have beliefs for the unbelief.

Sorry for the rant.

Did you eat some of the candy? You brought it into work! You are so not compassionate. I’ll never give that up.


November 1st, 2013