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So the most significant thing about me would be the languages. At one point I studied software development and also server maintenance, networking and such, but then I started learning Esperanto and it pretty well flipped my life around. Stopped my course, buggered off overseas to go to an Esperanto conference, and now I shall be doing applied linguistics at uni (with a touch of Spanish).

I gained proficiency in Esperanto in about a year (not fluency, mind you, that’ll take at least another year). And I plan to do so with another language each year for a while.

I’ll stop at 20 languages. Or 30. Hopefully I’ll mysteriously come upon a large sum of money which I did not kill a relative to acquire, and then may have significant time and resources to devote to this. Supposing this doesn’t happen (HA) I’ll aim for 20.

Oh, and I partake in conlanging quite a bit. Up to number 11 on the language count.

I also have a fair few other areas of ‘expertise’, and am pretty good at sounding like I know what I’m talking about on a whole range of topics. But it’s mostly just the languages.

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Welcome to Fluther. You look like you’ll fit in perfectly.

October 3rd, 2011