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Trissinger's avatar Trissinger said

Hey Kravenhead,


Drink a bit o’ the bubbly for me will you? (‘Cause all we’ve got left here is some white wine & not sure how great it’ll taste.) ’:) ’:)

Looks like my hubby won out this year—- not going to our friends’ home to celebrate, after all. But I’m OK with that. :) I’ll play him a mild game of Scrabble—- I won last week—- & NO victory dance! We’ll have a house full of teens here to keep us young & awake tonight. :D :D


December 31st, 2009

NUNYA's avatar NUNYA said

Merry Christmas to you too my good friend!!!! I hope Santa is good to you! And that your day is filled with Joy!!! (((HUGS))) to you Kravenhead!!! Have a VERY Merry Christmas!

December 24th, 2009

Trissinger's avatar Trissinger said

Ah, good to know you’re OK with the finances. And I’m better now, too—- wrote you a short bit on AB. I’m sighing with relief that I’m doing better—- you really ~do~ need a good friend like I’ve got: K!! lol!

…On to the 3rd leg of this EM trinity… ’:)

-Triss (& co.)

December 24th, 2009

NUNYA's avatar NUNYA said

I will do that Kravenhead! I printed off the instructions so I can do it whenever I get a chance!

December 15th, 2009

NUNYA's avatar NUNYA said

HI KRAVENHEAD!!!!!! Yup, AB is a real POS! I guess by now you have probably heard about it all. So I won’t go into it. But this is a GREAT place and I think many of us will call it “home”!!!
Stop by and chat with me whenever. The best thing about this site for me is that I can TALK TALK TALK TALK… know me! Conversation is more important to me then the Q & A part of it! I only used the Q & A on AB to generate a converstation! But here since we can just talk without the Q & A, so this is my cup of tea!!!! YAY! GLAD to see you found us!!!

December 14th, 2009