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The birds are called Cedar Waxwings. For a few days every springtime, a huge flock takes over my backyard. I work at home with my desk facing a large back window, so I get to watch the birds fly around. They eat all the berries from my plants, which they’re most welcome to do.

I’m no stranger here. I left a while ago, returned to lurk for a while, and eventually rejoined. Some of you have already figured out who I was and continue to be!

I’m just outside of Washington, DC, in the lovely, historic, and extremely liberal City of Alexandria. I drive a Prius, just like about every other person in Alexandria.

I’m an introvert who loves people but needs a great deal of time alone. Thus, my hobbies and interests tend to be solitary – cooking, gardening, working out at my health club, designing and knitting sweaters, reading, and doing word and math puzzles.

I love my husband, my doggie (obviously!), and my three-legged cat.

UPDATE. 18 Sept 2018 happens to be my birthday. Sadly, it’s also the day when I lost my beloved, 15-year-old cat. Thank you for all the precious memories, Martin. I miss you so much.

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Congratulations on your (second?) 5k mark.

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Congrat on reaching 5k, again!

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